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Emilija Barton

Hi Helena, thanks for checking to see how my studing is going. I'm so happy that I have signed up for this course. It's very helpful. I would definitely recommend it to anyone else who is trying to pass PMP exam. So far I'm still going through the study materials but once I finish it I will fill out the application form and send it to you for review.

Thanks a lot for your support and great study materials.

Tara Holmes

I passed my PMP on December 22nd! What a great gift to myself. With your program and dedication, I achieved my goal this year. I can't thank you enough and I will recommend your program to anyone! Take care!

Olivia V. Smith

I passed the PMP Exam. I am so happy.

Thank you for being a part of my success as I followed your Project Plan, listened to your tapes and took all five of the exams repeatedly.

Phillip Budidharma

I just want to let you know how lucky I am to come across your PMP prep online class...

About 3 weeks ago, I came across your free PMP overview class. I was hesitant to sign up at first, because I have only 3 weeks away from my PMP exam date. But I went ahead and signed up. The class was very well done. It is very clear and makes it so easy for me to understand the whole 49 processes. I was able to repeat the classes 2 full cycles in 3 weeks and I only did 1 practice exam. This afternoon was my PMP exam and I passed it with flying colours.

I will definitely recommend this class to others who are interested in taking the PMP certification!!!

Narith K.

I am so excited that I sign up with PMP training with you and your awesome support team... Thank you very much for follow up with me and my training.

Valeria M.

Thanks to all group members for sharing info and suggestions, I wrote and passed PMP on my first attempt today!!


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful programme... I am not PMP certified on my first try!

I cannot thank you enough. God bless your business!

John Stibbard

Thanks!! I recently registered and watched your video as well received your PMP process maps. I want to personally thank you for doing what you do. The maps were invaluable in my gaining my PMP certification. They are comprehensive and conceptually assisted in linking process, product, and results as well as cross referencing everything. Keep it up. Much appreciated.

Santhosh Lukose

I am writing to you to share the happy news that I passed the PMP examination today at the first attempt. I really have to thank you for the high quality condensed training material provided by you. Thank you again.

Dan Zrymiak

Yes I am a PMP with Above Target in all 5 categories.

I am relieved and happy. it was a long and full journey.

Thank you again for such a wonderful resource.

Rajat Basak

Today I took my PMP exam and after submitting the answers the result screen displayed PASS.

I have received a print out from the exam center that says Performance : Pass. It also says official exam result with further details on the exam result information will be send after few days. Thank you very much.

Albert Gorbach

I was an officer in the U.S. military and now I am a successfully project manager. I absolutely love the content on your website. I especially admire your 48 processes chart mnemonic. It helped me tremendously! In fact, it directly contributed to my successful completion of the PMP certification in just under 4 weeks.

Nancy H.

Thank you so much Helena!! Your materials have been the perfect fit for me to get motivated and actually dig into studying to pass my PMP exam!! You have taken what was completely overwhelming and stifling and organized them into bite-size pieces that I can learn!!

Yasmin Majali

I'd like to inform you that I passed my pmp exam today :), thanks to your course, prompt response and everything.

Gregory Morris

I am PMP certified and did find your program useful when studying.


A special thank to Carl on ExamsPM team for PMP exam tips over the weekend during the immersion program. Thanks I just passed my PMP exam today.

The exam simulator you guys put together really prepared me well... It really trained me on how to answer and think. Thank a lot. I am now PMP certified.

Tabitha Liggett

I just wanted to say thank you for reviewing my application and for the ExamsPM course. It was really helpful. I passed the PMP yesterday on my first try and it feels great.

Edna Jones

Thank you so much for the wonderful advice and guidance.

Ukeje Iheaka

I passed my PMP EXAMS with above target in all the process groups in first attempt. Thanks.

Geoffrey Haim

Yesterday at 4:20PM or so EDT I clicked the button on the computer... There was a spinning wheel for a short while then magically; the first word I read was "Congratulations." Imagine my elation to see I was now a PMP. I have tried and used many techniques and products studying for my PMP. I can say that ExamsPM was the best and most useful. I found it easy to listen to the various chapters. I found the points made were easy to understand and absorb. All I can say is thanks to you I am now certified and will move further ahead in my career.


I am delighted to inform you that I have passed the PMP exam. Thanks for your support!

Ashima Sawhney

I am happy to share I cleared my PMP exam today. Thanks for the study material and the sample exams. I bought the package around 3-4 weeks ago and was a good refresher for me to finalize my preparation.

Manoj Tadhani

I just wanted to reach out to ExamsPM to inform that I have passed my PMP exam today. Your course and the study material was great help and prime reason behind this success. Thank you very much!!!

Mansour Banikhalid

I am glad to inform you that I passed my PMP exam today with an "Above Target" score, using only the software which I got from your side within 3 weeks and without taking any single simulator because of the time limitations.

I really thank you very much for the great effort in preparing and providing great materials for us.

Claire B.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam today. Thanks for the good content. It was very helpful.

Anubha Khanijow

This is to thank you and your team for assisting with the PMP exam preparation. I am happy to report that I took my test this pas week and passed it in the first attempt.

Vidhi Shah

Just wanted to share with you, I have cleared my PMP exam in first attempt last Monday. Thank you for your help and support. Your online course is fantastic and very detailed oriented. It helped me a lot! Thank you again :)

Ulrick Jean Claude

I want to thank you. I did take and pass the PMP exam on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Your method is terrific and effective. I am proud having chosen your program. Thanks a lot.

Bala Krishnan

Thank you for the wonderful course structure and exam content you had provided. I have passed my PMP in my second try and I must say that your mock up exams helped me a lot in preparation for the test. I also enjoyed reading the content multiple times and especially chapters on risk, procurement, communication, schedule and cost were of immense help. Once again I thank you for this.

Jennifer R. Smith

I took the PMP exam today and passed (first time go!).

I am a single mom, full-time process engineer/scrum master, and Army Reserve military office, and it is extremely difficult to find the time to dissect the PMBOK. Your course broke everything down into consumable parts was a saving grace and the "white paper" documents were extremely helpful.

Thank you for developing this program. It helped me significantly.

Lawrence Greeff Senior Project Engineer

I just wanted to say a big... THANK YOU!!!

I passed the PMP exam on Wednesday last week on my second attempt - after I gave myself ample time this time & followed all your training lectures and pre-exam memory tips.

I don't normally take this time to show my appreciation to a lecturer... but your content choice and manner of speaking was brilliant, clear and to the point, for which I am very grateful for - and certainly worth the nominal fee that ExamsPM charge. Thanks again


With all gratitude to God and your course, I am pleased to inform you that I passed my PMP exam last Thursday with 'Above Target'. Thank you so much for contributing to making this feat possible. God bless u and your team.

Shahabat Sadi

I want to let you know that I passed my PMP exam in the first attempt on 13th Feb-2019. I am thankful to you for your support as the instructor for my PMP journey. Much appreciated your support for quickly replying back answers to my queries time to time. Wish all the best to you and examspm team.

Vidhi Shah

I have used your CAPM Exam Prep program last year. I cleared my exam in first attempt, thanks to your amazing study program. I was glad that I joined it. I am preparing for PMP this year. This was really helpful.

Ananda Rangan

It gives me a great pleasure to inform you that I have cleared my PMP Certification today. I would like to thank you for all your help and coordination extended to me to achieve this certification. Once again, thanks a lot.

Rob Yost

Helena and Team - You are fantastic! Your online program material is excellent. So much better than my previous online course material. I am recommending ExamsPM to all my team members. Your "study plan" spreadsheet brings great value to my limited time to study, being employed full time (schedules are important). If it is not scheduled, it will not get done!

Fredy Gutierrez

I'd like to thank ExamsPM. I passed my PMP in the 1st try. Your tips really worked well for me. Specially, to draft the process group and knowledge areas table at the beginning of the exam and the EV formulas. This strategy helped me to keep focused and gave the required context to analyze the questions. You really helped me to understand how the exam is aligned to the PMBOK, and how to think practically during the test.

Richard Yancy

I must say thank you for your course and information. Signing up and taking your course really motivated me finally quit procrastinating on taking the PMP exam. After taking your course, I took and passed the PMP exam. I have started and stopped my exam preparation many times for several years. Your course had a great organization and was easy to follow. It really motivated me and gave me the confidence to take the exam. It was great to take your course and pass the PMP exam on the first try. Thanks for all the work you put into the course.

Adepitan Fasoro

Thanks for your advise and for your excellent customer service.

David Diatikar Business Process Consultant

I passed the PMP test on my 1st try - Thank you for your help!

Tiffany Jones

I sat for my exam on the day after Christmas and passed. Thank God. I appreciate your course and assistance.

Kumaresh K.

I passed PMP exam in first attempt. Thanks for your support.

Tobi Omotayo

I passed my PMP today. Your materials were really helpful. I want to thank you and your team for your good work. Blessings!

Dr. Kunle Megbuwawon Country Director

I did the PMP exam on the 31st of December 2018. This was some days after I listened to you on Webinar. I am pleased to inform you that your advice were very useful to me during the Exam and PASSED the PMP exam... I am now a certified PMP Professional.

Marigrace McKay

I passed the PMP Exam. Many thanks to Examspm and learning team. Happy New Year!

Olamide D.

Thanks Helena. I sat for my pmp exam on 28th of Dec. 2019 and passed with Above Targets in all the processes. The simulation test helped a lot.

Paul Hill

I want to take a minute to thank you and your team for an awesome course, which helped me pass my PMP exam the first time! I completed a formal executive certificate program at an university, but I needed something more. Your PMP Preparation course provided me exactly what I needed. Your matter of fact way of presenting the material, along with the repetition, enabled me to remember many things, which complimented my style of learning. It wouldn't have happened without you and your team... Thank you very much for all your help!