If you’ve got 5 minutes to read this page, I can make sure you have an endless supply of Project Management Opportunities looking to work with you.

How To Become A Certified Project Manager in 6 Weeks  


Your simple & effective roadmap to get PMP certified and land high paying PM opportunities.

Dear future project manager...

Have you ever spent months (or maybe even years) applying to hundreds of jobs and you still get any job offers?

Have you tried to study for the PMP® or CAPM® but got overwhelmed by how much material you need to learn? Or maybe you just don't know where to start? 

I'd like to show you a new way to obtain your project management certifications and excel in your career as a project manager in just 6 weeks or less.

The Project Management Academy will explain the big picture of how PMI wants you to manage projects. Once you understand how the concepts, terms, processes, and ITTOs connect together, you will learn and progress faster.

This program also includes many exam hacks, memory aids, tips and tricks to speed up your learning process.

Unlike other training courses where you are completely on your own, The Project Management Academy will tell you what you need to do everyday, every week, and every month in order to get certified in just 6 weeks or less.

This course is perfect for busy professionals who want to get certified, but also have lots of work and social obligations.

 After going through this course, you don't need to read the PMBOK® or any other prep material. This course is all you need to get PMP® or CAPM® certified.

The Academy also goes beyond what's in the PMBOK and teaches you how to implement the project management concepts you've learned in real life scenarios. 

In addition, you'll learn how to find project management opportunities, create your digital profiles to attract recruiters to come to you, and impress hiring managers in any type of interview setting. 

With this program, you...

  • DON’T need to read the PMBOK or use any other study materials. Our program includes everything you'll need to get PMP certified and maintain your certification as well.  
  • DON’T need to send out hundreds of resumes and hope and pray that someone responds. You will learn how to stand out so that recruiters and hiring manager proactively seek you out.  
  • DON’T need to spend months studying for your PMP exam. We've figured out a step-by-step formula that can help you pass your exam on your first try within a couple of weeks.   
  • DON’T need to work at a dead-end unfulfilling job. You'll learn to impress hiring managers in all 3 types of project management interviews, and be able to work in any industry, regardless of your current experience levels.   
  • DON’T need to wait years to get promoted. You'll learn how to effectively negotiate for a higher salary. 

This could be yours in just a matter of weeks, and you can add 'PMP' to your resume + LinkedIn.

The Project Management Academy Includes 3 Components That Helps You... 

Get the Certificate

PM certifications add credibility. Learn how to get agile, scrum, and PMP certified within less than 6 weeks.   

Get the Job Offer

Learn how to write resumes that will impress in less than 10 seconds and ace every round of your PM interview.

Get the Promotion

Learn how to stand out at your job so you're the first one to be considered for an upcoming promotion.

Our Agile + Scrum Certification   

60% of companies now use Agile and Scrum in some capacity to manage their projects. Since its introduction in 2001, this new methodology is gaining rapid adoption, particularly in the IT and software industries. In order to stay competitive in today's job market as a project manager, you must understand and know how to implement Agile and Scrum.

When you join the Project Management Academy, you can get Agile Scrum Certified within your first week. You'll be able to add this new badge to your LinkedIn to increase your credibility. In addition, with this new certificate on your resume, you can increase your odds of finding more PM opportunities. With your enhanced knowledge of Agile and Scrum, you will also be able to answer more technical interview questions correctly. 

Our PMP & CAPM Exam Prep Includes:

  • 35 hours of on-demand project management training
  • 35 Contact Hour certificate to qualify you for the PMP® and to enrich your Resume/CV
  • 60 additional PDUs that counts towards your recertification. These additional trainings help reinforce your understanding of project management concepts and to provide you with an opportunity to network with instructors and fellow students
  • A complete application review so you can rest assured that you filled in everything correctly to avoid a PMI audit
  • 7X bonuses ($5,000+ in value) which includes dedicated pro-level email support, intro to agile course, intro to business analysis course, and roadmap to getting certified in 6 weeks. 
  • 2,000+ practice questions with an exam simulator that is similar to PMI's

2,000+ Realistic Exam Practice Questions

Here's a secret I want you to know: the team within PMI who is responsible for writing exam questions is different from the team who is updating the PMBOK® guide.

What this means for you is that: You MUST do as many practice questions as possible to prepare for your exam.

We've got you covered. We have over 2,000 exam questions in our database, with 10 full length (180 Qs) exams, to test your understanding. 

Our simulator is divided based on Domains, Knowledge Area, and Full Length Exams.

Finding Project Management Opportunities... 

Contrary to popular beliefs, there's TONS of job opportunities out there. If you search "project manager" on LinkedIn or Indeed, you'll get tens of thousands of companies looking to hire someone just like you - and you just need one "yes!" 

Often, I talk to candidates who say "I don't have enough experience to apply" or "I don't have any technical skills."  

This belief is the #1 thing that holds candidates back from landing their dream job. 

But the truth is - the job description is a lie and doesn't represent the actual skills you need to get hired. See diagram below. 

As you can see, in order to get hired, you don't need to have all the skills and qualifications listed on the job description. 

And often, even if technical skills are listed on the job description, project managers who don't have a technical background often get the job. The thing is - to manage a project successfully, it is more important that you know how to coordinate your team, and you can always pick up some technical skills as you go along. 

With the right positioning, you can get a recruiter's attention no matter what your experience level or background is. All you need is a solid resume... 

Project Manager Resume 

Tired of sending out hundreds of resumes and not getting any interviews? Can’t figure out how get recruiter’s attention, stand out from the crowd, and land an interview? Not sure of how to structure your resume properly and what buzzwords to include? We are going to show you how to write high converting resumes with the right buzzwords and objective summaries that will get you noticed by employers in less than 10 seconds.

You'll learn:

  • How to write an objective summary that’s tied to the job posting
  • How to summarize your skills and background to impress recruiters in seconds
  • What keywords to use to pass automatic resume scanners
  • How to explain your skills logically and concisely to impress receivers
  • How to grab recruiter’s attention with your resume and land an interview
  • What resume format is working right now
  • How to make your profile stand out and show up at the top of LinkedIn search results 

Project Manager Interviews 

When we're in a job interview, most of us are focused on talking about ourselves. Few people ever think about the hiring manager's wants and needs. And almost nobody considers how they could be the person to solve the Hiring Manager's problem.

What's their problem? 

They need someone now. They need someone good. They need someone who cares about solving problems, and who specifically wants to solve problems within their company.

But most Project Managers don't know how to present themselves as that ideal candidate.

They send in bland, generic resumes. They go into the interview scared and unprepared. And because they are so worried about trying to impress, they miss the opportunity to demonstrate genuine interest in the Hiring Manager or the company… so they miss out.

Has this happened to you? If so, it’s not your fault. In the Project Management Academy, we will teach you the 3 step process to answer any interview question. Once you know the framework, you'll never get stuck. You'll also be able to address the interviewer's 'hidden' concerns. 

Plus, we will give you a list of 50 of the most common project manager interview questions and sample answers to all of them so that you know exactly what the interviewer is looking for. 

Everything in this training is designed to help build your skills and confidence so that you can land your dream Project Management job.

Here's what you'll discover...

After you get certified, it's time to find opportunities. In the academy, we will teach you how to stand out so that 1) recruiters proactively reach out to you when they are looking to fill a position, and 2) when you apply for a position, you get called immediately. 

  • Learn how to build your unique digital identity using online websites, and social media (LinkedIn, AngelList), to get yourself noticed.
  • Learn advanced search techniques to narrow down the positions that are the best fit for you.
  • How to using Job boards - We’ll give you a complete list of boards available for excellent PM jobs... Including a list of over 900 companies hiring. 

Next, you'll learn how to get hired. 

  • Learn the three steps to writing a killer resume and targeted cover letter to get you noticed by recruiters in 10 seconds.
  • Discover how to use keywords to pass automatic resume scanners and be noticed. Learn how to highlight your unique skills logically and concisely to impress hiring managers.
  • Show how your experience and results can benefit your new employer by customizing your resume specifically for their job posting. 

To land a project management role usually takes several rounds of interviews. The employer may test you in different ways before they give you the offer letter. We will help prepare you for every round of interview. You'll know exactly what to expect and how to ace any type of interview you may be given.   

  • Networking - Learn the tips and techniques to build your professional network and work with recruiters, tap into the ‘hidden’ job market.
  • Phone screening - Learn to listen for what is expected by recruiters during a phone screening, and how to make a great first impression.
  • Behavioral interviews - Your new employer wants to know how you will fit into their organization. Learn how to address their hidden concerns, and show them that you’ve got the right personality and work ethics for the job.
  • Technical interviews - Learn how to answer PM situational questions that test how you would handle a challenging management situation (e.g. team conflicts, scope changes, conflicting needs).
  • Home assignment - Get tips on how to approach the home assignments designed to test your project management knowledge and experience (e.g. create a scrum board or risk mitigation plan).
  • Negotiating your salary and benefits - Arm yourself with the confidence to ask for what you are worth on the market!

One thing that some students used to tell me was, "Helena, I know project management in theory, but when I actually started my job, I felt paralyzed... I had no idea what I was supposed to do."

This is when I realized there's a gap between project management knowledge and implementation. I created this academy to bridge that gap. 

You'll know exactly what to do on your new job to impress your project sponsor. Here's a brief summary of what you'll learn... 

  • Know what you can expect on your first days at work, including tips and tools to be more effective in the position.
  • Project planning - You get real examples of how to begin your project, including dealing with stakeholders, gathering requirements, and building effective teams.
  • Project execution - Learn how to implement agile techniques, including user stories, backlogs and sprints. Understand Jira and other tools to enhance your projects, manage artifacts, and agile teams.
  • Project management tools - Become proficient in commonly used PM tools such as MS project, JIRA, Balsamic, and Lucidcharts.
  • Understand the specifics of how to handle remote PM work (time zone differences, legal work requirements, managing small teams). 

Program Bonuses

Bonus #1 - $997 Value 

Remote PM

Working from home has a lot of benefits, including no more commute and flexible work schedule. Luckily, project management is a career path that can provide the opportunity to work remotely. We will show you how to find these remote opportunities and how to manage remote teams once you're hired.

Bonus #2 - $997 Value 

Winning Project Management Contractors

Companies hire contractors to manage temporary projects. While you may give up some job security, you'll get paid double and be exposed to more variety of projects. You also have the opportunity to build your own project management business. Get access to our 8-step process on how to find project management contractor positions and connect with recruitment agencies.  

application review

Bonus #3 - $100 Value 

PMP® Application Template + Samples 

You are spending $534 USD to submit your application to PMI. That's not a small sum of money. You want to make sure your application is perfect so that they have no reason to reject you. 

We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fill in your application and dozens of application descriptions that have passed the PMI audit.

Bonus #4 - $500 Value 

PM University

Learn from the best of the best. To enhance your project management knowledge, we've interviewed the best project managers worldwide and compiled them in one place for you. Topics covered include emotional intelligence, agile transformation, project leadership... and much more! These additional training sessions count as 60 additional PDUs towards your recertification.  

live training
roadmap to getting certified

Bonus #5 - $50 Value 

PMP® Study Plan 

We will provide you with the exact study plan of what to do every single day, week, and month in order to pass your PMP® in just 6 weeks.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. When you have a study plan, you will avoid many road blocks holding you back from getting certified. 

Bonus #6 - $199 Value 

Downloadable Slides 

Travelling or don't have access to reliable wi-fi? Download the slides and videos so that you can study on-the-go wherever and whenever you want. You can print the slides to create your own study notes to speed up your learning.

download icon

Bonus #7 - $100 Value 

Pro-level Priority Support 

We understand how important it is to get help when you need it and that's why we offer pro-level priority support whenever you need it. Our team of technical experts will quickly respond to any issue or inquiry, ensuring that you get the answers you need. We provide personalized attention so that you know your needs are being addressed in a timely manner.

Bonus #8 - $99 Value 

PM Resume Templates + Interview Guide

Get 70+ Project Manager resumes & CVs to draw inspirations from when you’re writing your own. See what other project managers are writing on their applications & learn from others. Also, Get 50 of the most commonly asked PM interview questions + sample answers to all of them so that you know how to approach difficult questions on your actual interviews.

Bonus #9 - $500 Value 

How to find job opportunities + get hired 

This program details EVERYTHING you need to find a project management job or land your next promotion. All the strategies, frameworks, hand-on tactics, real-world examples, word-to-word scripts, and mindsets to help you ace your interview, boost your salary, get remote jobs, and much more!

Bonus #10 - $100 Value 

Private Members-only Community

Get instant access to a network of product owners, scrum masters, and project managers from all industries worldwide. This community is perfect way for fostering meaningful connections. You can use it to build relationships, exchange ideas and experiences, and generally offer a supportive network for each other.

Bonus #11 - $50 Value 

Spreadsheet Envy

Learn how to use the most popular project management tools effectively to run your projects. You'll learn how to handle all the common project management tasks, including creating a backlog, budget, schedule, etc. 

Bonus #12 - $297 Value 

JIRA Trainings

With JIRA Trainings, you will learn how to set up and manage projects, create custom fields, customize screens and workflows, integrate with other tools and applications, use reports and dashboards for data visualization, and more.

Super Bonus: Weekly Live Instructor-led Training 

Our veteran instructors all have decades of industry experience. You will not only learn the theory, but also how products are actually built at top companies. 

If you're struggling with anything at work, bring your questions and our instructors will answer them LIVE.

Having live coaching is a great way to learn in a fun and engaging setting, as well as meeting other like-minded peers. 

Each week, our instructors will teach a topic and answer any questions you may have. You can attend as many classes as you'd like for a year. $2000 Value.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete this course, you will receive a 'Certificate of Completion' that you can use towards your 35 Contact Hours. 

You can also add it to your Resume/CV and put it within your LinkedIn Profile under the achievements section, and this will give you instant credibility as it showcases your project management skills. 

You'll Love It Guarantee

We are confident you are going to learn everything you need to know to advance your career with product, agile, and scrum. That is why we are offering a 30 days money back guarantee on this course. You can go through the entire course and decide whether it is right for you or not.

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will happily issue you a full refund, and you get to keep all the downloadable course assets. 

All the risk is on us, as it should be. You literally have nothing to lose.

100% Pass Guarantee

How much does it cost? 

Many would say that having the Project Management Academy is priceless.

Our stated goal is to help you become certified project managers making 6-figure salaries, and we've helped thousands achieve this goal over the past decade. 

But let’s be really conservative here.

If all this did was get just ONE company each month to pay you $5,000… that would still be $60,000 a year in your pocket... and you can learn the skills to do this job without spending years going back to college.  

Even if you have a job that you love right now, you can still take on a client part-time and work with them remotely. 

Not a bad reward for changing people’s lives, right?

So while I could easily charge $5,000 because that's what a semester in college costs at a minimum…

I don’t want to give you ANY reason not to advance you KNOW you’re capable of and make the most out of your project management expertise.  

If you don’t do that, then my mission to change the way people work and to help thousands of smart, hard-working people live the best years of their lives won’t succeed...

So I’ve decided to make enrollment less than the cost of a daily Starbucks mochaccino...

Over the course of the next year, that comes out to just around $1.36 a day.

Could you come up with $1.36 a day to build a high-impact career that pays you every month and have recruiters reach out to you weekly with new opportunities?

I sure hope so.

The world needs what you know. There are people out there, struggling, hurting… and counting on you to come up with that $0.81 so you can serve them with your expertise.

And I truly believe that if you can do that, you’ll be rewarded tenfold… both in terms of money made and impact made.

Hear What Our Graduates Have To Say...  

 Ranga P. 

I passed my PMP on my first try after taking ExamsPM's training. ExamsPM.com really opened my path to success. If I hadn't chosen to do that it would have been a great opportunity lost. I am very happy and thankful for my choice.

 Vaqar Ali 

I was looking for a course that give me enough to be well equipped for the exam... Hindsight is 20/20, but this just turned out to be an excellent choice!

 Samson Badal 

I am so blessed and impressed by your diligence and quick response. I am so appreciative of your help and support. I am so glad having you as one mentor to talk to and get advice. ExamsPM is awesome and thanks for all your trouble going to PMI asking them the questions [for me]. Thanks again and now that clear the way for me.

 Rasheed Gobara 

This is by far the best PMP prep-course I came through... I will be very honest hoping to contribute promoting this course. Thanks again for all the support.

Michael Carey

Thank you very much for your time, help, and advise. I just passed the PMP!!! Thanks so much ExamsPM!!! It was quite the push, but well worth it!

 Shanyn Leigh 

Thank you for the webinar yesterday and I am so grateful for the option to listen to it over because some of it went over my head! You are a great teacher! 

 Moha Nasser 

I want to thank you for taking the time to help me and everyone around the world to be confident on taking the PMP exam. I also want to let you know that I enjoyed very much your live trainings. Thank you again for your continued support. 

Lynette Smith

I did it... I passed my PMP today! Above target in every area. Thank you Helena & ExamsPM!

 Ian Walker 

Just wanted to let you know I passed the PMP exam today. Thanks for all your help and assistance during the training process.

 Brian Burnett 

Last Friday I took my PMP exam and passed it. My training from ExamsPM was very helpful and enabled me to pass the exam on my first try. I began my training four weeks ago and in that time I took the online training, practiced with the online exams, applied to PMI to be qualified to take the exam, and then took it. I think your online experience is of very high quality. Thank you very much for the great training!

 Howard Sant

With instruction from ExamsPM I was able to pass the PMP exam on the first try scoring in the “Above Target” range. Helena is a wonderful and thorough instructor. She teaches so that concepts are easy to understand and remember. ExamsPM reviewed my application, providing me with suggestions prior to submission. ExamsPM also provides you with practice questions after each section and 1200 practice questions. I felt these practice questions were invaluable for learning how to apply the concepts I learned and to prepare for the PMP exam.

 Stanley Ralph Michelot 

I Just took the PMP on 12/18 and passed with Above Target in one of the process groups. Helena's program is invaluable. I felt completely prepared for the exam after taking her course. The amount of quizzes and practice exam with actual exam simulators where key in my success. She breaks down all the PM concepts that were easy to understand. If your serious about passing the PMP on your first try this course is your answer. I recommend this program 100%.

So if you want to...

  • Have A Consistent And Predictable Stream Of Project Management Opportunities… like Jessica who sent out ~150 resumes over a year and heard back from no one. A week after coming into the Project Management Academy, she had 3 recruiters reaching out to HER on LinkedIn. 
  • Get Paid 6 Figures Salary With Your Expertise… like Arthur, who went from being a new immigrant to working as a remote project manager in just a few months, and he currently has recruiters contacting him weekly on LinkedIn with new job opportunities.
  • Win Time Freedom by Banishing Complexity from Your Projects… like Ryan, who quickly added $27,000 in cash in 4 days to his existing business doing less than he was before.
  • Get PMP certified in 6 weeks or less by having a roadmap for success so you're not overwhelmed by the contents in the PMBOK.
  • Be eligible for promotions and advance your project management career... like Jason who got a 20% raise after he obtained his PMP certification.
  • Have the ability to do what you love and do it remotely... like Allan who escaped the traded the cubicle life for the beaches in Costa Rica when he become a remote project manager.
  •  Use your project management skills as a side hustle or start your own consulting business to give yourself extra financial security and a secondary income.  

Then it's time to click the link below and enroll.

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