ITIL® 4 Foundation

ITIL 4 Foundation introduces an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and continual improvement of technology-enabled products and services.


Learn how to help organizations across all industries to deliver their IT operations in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible with ITIL.

ITIL is the gold standard for IT Service Management for organizations across the globe, including commercial, governmental, and non-profit organizations.

The ITIL 4 Foundation course and its associated certification focus on understanding the key concepts of IT and digital service delivery so that you can help your organization embrace the new service management culture.

Key topics include how modern IT and digital service organizations operate, how value streams increase speed and efficiency, how cultural or behavioral principles guide work that benefits the wider organization, and how to use commonly-used service management terms and concepts.

This course is designed to help prepare you for the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam and covers all seven objectives:

  • Key concepts of service management
  • Seven guiding principles
  • Four dimensions of service management
  • Service value system (SVS)
  • Service value chain (SVC)
  • Overview of the ITIL practices
  • Continual improvement, change control, incident management, problem management, service request management, service desk, and service level management practices

Course Highlights

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Total Duration

8 hours

Total Lessons

107 lessons

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Access to material

12 months

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100% Pass Guarantee


1. Introduction

1. Welcome

2. Download the Study Guide

3. Exam Fundamentals 

4. 100% Pass Guarantee 

5. 4th Industrial Revolution 

6. Service Organizations 

7. Quiz: Introduction

3. Four Dimensions of Service Management

1. Four Dimensions of Service Management

2. Organizations and People 

3. Information and Technology 

4. Partners and Suppliers 

5. Value Streams and Processes 


7. Applying the Four Dimensions 

8. Quiz: Four Dimensions of Service Management

5. Guiding Principles

1. Guiding Principles 

2. Focus on Value 

3. Start Where You Are 

4. Progress Iteratively with Feedback 

5. Collaborate and Promote Visibility 

6. Think and Work Holistically 

7. Keep It Simple and Practical 

8. Optimize and Automate 

9. Quiz: Guiding Principles  

7. Continual Improvement

1. Continual Improvement 

2. Continual Improvement Model

3. What is the Vision? 

4. Where are We Now? 

5. Where Do We Want to Be? 

6. How Do We Get There? 

7. Take Action 

8. Did We Get There? 

9. How Do We Keep the Momentum Going? 

10. Continual Improvement and the Guiding Principles 

11. Continual Improvement


9. Service Management Practices

1. Service Management Practices 

2. Change Enablement 

3. Incident Management 

4. Problem Management 

5. Service Desk 

6. Service Level Management 

7. Service Request Management 

8. IT Asset Management 

9. Monitoring and Event Management 

10. Release Management 

11. Service Configuration Management 

12. Availability Management 

13. Business Analysis 

14. Capacity and Performance Management 

15. Service Catalog Management 

16. Service Continuity Management 

17. Service Design 

18. Service Validation and Testing 

19. Quiz: Service Management Practices

11. Conclusion

1. Putting It All Together

2. Conclusion 

3. Practice Exam #1

4. Practice Exam #2 

5. Practice Exam #3 

6. Claiming Your Exam Voucher 

7. ITIL Certification Path 

2. Service Management

1. Service Management 

2. Value 

3. Organizations and People 

4. Services and Products 

5. Service Offerings 

6. Service Relationships

7. Outcomes

8. Costs

9. Risks

10. Utility and Warranty 

11. Quiz: Service Management

4. Service Value System

1. Service Value System 

2. Opportunity, Demand, and Value 

3. Governance 

4. Quiz: Service Value System

6. Service Value Chain

1. Service Value Chain 

2. Plan 

3. Improve 

4. Engage

5. Design and Transition 

6. Obtain/Build

7. Deliver and Support 

8. Value Streams 

9. Quiz: Service Value Chain  

8. General Management Practices

1. Categories of Practices 

2. Management Practices 

3. Continual Improvement 

4. Information Security Management 

5. Relationship Management 

6. Supplier Management 

7. Architecture Management 

8. Knowledge Management

9. Measurement and Reporting 

10. Organizational Change Management 

11. Portfolio Management 

12. Project Management 

13. Risk Management 

14. Service Financial Management 

15. Strategy Management 

16. Workforce and Talent Management 

17. Quiz: General Management Practices

10. Technical Management Practices

1. Technical Management Practices 

2. Deployment Management 

3. Infrastructure and Platform Management

4. Software Development and Management

5. Quiz: Technical Management Practices

Edward Hanzel

IT Manager

Lessons were easy to follow along with. I also used the extra sample tests and printed materials. I will be using this program to continue my ITIL 4 certification journey

Daniel Zrymiak


I was very delighted with the training and materials, which prepared me to successfully complete the ITIL v4 Foundation exam on the first attempt. The interactions to prepare the logistics for the home-based exam were also very helpful.

Nada El abboud

IT Service Desk specialist

It was a really good course, and everything was clear without any complexity.

Marouane Bennour

Data entry manager

Very good courses and explanations about the overall concepts, and I passed the exam!!

Alfredo Chamorro

Infrastructure support Engineer

Well explained. I felt well prepared when I took the test. Very affordable and worth the cost. Overall 10/10 experience.

Mouhamadou Niang


Great Courses, I passed the ITIL 4 certifications in English at the first attempt without any difficulty (...and English is not my first language)! Very clear explanations with suitable examples, highly recommended!


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