In this Free Project Management Training, you will learn:


Helena Liu, PMP

  • How the PMP® and CAPM® Certification can help you advance your project management career.
  • The exact study plan to follow in order to pass your PMP® or CAPM® exam in the next 6 weeks. 
  • How to fill in your PMP® application and write your project descriptions. 
  • How to memorize the PMBOK® Process Chart and understand ITTOs. 
  • The tips and tricks to help you pass on your first try. 
  • What you need to know about the new 2021 exam changes & Exam Content Outline (ECO) 
  • Understanding Agile frameworks & its differences from Waterfall methodologies.

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Get PMBOK 6th Edition Mind Maps When You Attend This Free Training

This Free PMP® Training will teach you how to get certified in 6 weeks! The PMP® (Project Management Professional) certification is the world’s leading certification for project managers. 

Increasingly, recruiters and hiring managers are screening candidates for the PMP® credentials during the recruitment process. 

If you’ve applied for project manager jobs before, it’s likely that you’ve been told, “well you don’t have your PMP®!”

Additionally, study after study have shown that PMP® certified project managers make roughly 25% more than their non-certified peers. 

This is because certified project managers understand a proven methodology that will make the project successful. The PMP® credential is a global standard for project management that’s recognized worldwide. 

Even though the PMP® is a difficult exam, with the right preparations, you can get certified on your first try in a matter of weeks. 

The PMP® exam is based on the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge). If you’ve ever attempted to read this book before, you would realize pretty quickly that it’s extremely hard to understand due to the way it’s written. 

Many candidates pick up the book and give up after reading the first few pages, but it doesn’t have to be this complicated. 

During this free PMP® training, we dissect this complex guide for you and translate it into layman’s terms that anyone can understand. 

Once you understand the fundamentals, it will be much easier for you to pass your exam. 

In fact, we streamline the process for you, removing any roadblock that might be in the way. We will give you a clear plan and teach you our methodology on how you can pass your PMP® in just 6 weeks!

If you are ready to become certified in the next 6 weeks - even if you’ve failed the exam before - sign up for this free PMP® training today! 

We will show you the big picture of how all 5 process groups, 10 knowledge areas, and 49 processes link together to complete the project. Once you understand the big picture and how everything connects together, passing your exam will be a breeze. 

Plus, when you sign up right now, we will also give you our ITTO mind map for all 10 knowledge areas from the PMBOK® 6th edition. It will show you the corresponding ITTOs for all 49 processes. It’s a handy reference guide that can speed up your learning process. 

The PMP® exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions, but often candidates have trouble picking the right answer because all multiple choices look the same. Additionally, 70-80% of the questions you’ll get are tricky situational questions. 

During this free PMP® training, we will share expert test strategies that will help you eliminate the wrong choices and pick the correct answer. 

Plus, we will give you an exact study plan that you can start implementing right away to get your certification in just 6 weeks.

Look, if it’s only going to take you 6 weeks to become PMP® certified - and be able to keep the certification for life - why not get started today for free? 

Register for this free PMP® training today!

Seats to this workshop are limited, reserve yours now.