How to Complete a PMP Application Step-by-Step

This article will give you step-by-step instructions on exactly how to complete your PMP application. Each step is accompanied by screenshots. We are going to follow a fictional person named Frank Smith

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How to Create a PMP Application Worksheet to Organize Your Thoughts

You’ve managed multiple projects that you want to include in your PMP application, but you are having trouble keeping your thoughts organized. The solution: create a PMP Application Worksheet in

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How to pass PMP exam on first try. Ranga’s Story.

Want to learn how to pass PMP exam on first try? Ranga was one of my students from the June class, and from the start, he demonstrated his leadership abilities by proactively helping other students. He

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6 Ways to Memorize the 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas

One of the first things you should do before you PMP exam starts is to write down the 10 project management Knowledge Areas as a reference. Why? Because you may suddenly get nervous or distracted during

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Congratulations to our Training Class of August 2014!

Our August PMP Certification training class was held at 215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto. This class, we decided to make it an open house, where anyone interested in project management were welcome to check

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PMP Class Pic June 2014

Class of June 2014!

Congratulations to Iqbal Khan, Ranga Padmanabhan, Imran Saeed, Irtaza Syed, Abdul Bashkail for completing their PMP Training! Thank you for all the wonderful discussions and contributions to making this

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Eliminate Unproductive Project Management Email by Phone

Have you ever heard of email ping pong? It’s a situation where people keep asking following questions or making comments on an email thread. In most cases, this is a frustrating situation. Fortunately,

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How Project Managers Use The Phone To Increase Efficiency

I’m sure you’ve all been in endless meetings or conference calls where you thought “this is a waste of time.” However, when done properly, the humble phone is one of the single

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Differences Between Organizational Structures

  Projects are impacted by the organization, including its culture, policies, and procedures Good project managers look for these influences and use them to their benefit There are three

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PMI Code of Conduct

All PMP certificate holders are required to abid by the PMI Code of Conduct. The PMI Code of Conduct is divided into 4 sections: responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty. Within these 4 sections,

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