What is the Passing Score for the PMP Exam?

What is the PMP passing score? The short answer is: no one knows what the passing score for the PMP exam is anymore. Okay… a select few who work for PMI does know, but this number is not publicly available. Although we don’t know what the definitive PMP passing score is today, you can make […]

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5 Tips for your PMP Exam Day. Here’s what to do.

In this post, we will outline the 5 things you should know on the day of your PMP exam day so that you will be well prepared and ready to ace this exam. Arrive early If you scheduled your PMP exam for, let’s say, 2PM, and you show up at 2:15PM, you will NOT get […]

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How to Choose the Correct Answer for Your PMP Exam

A common question that PMP aspirants ask is how to choose the correct answer for the PMP exam. In this post, we will discuss the 4 different types of PMP questions and answers that you will see on your exam and 6 different strategies you can use to choose the right answer. 4 Types of […]

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PMI ism – Stands for what?

Have you ever heard of the term “PMI ism” and wondered what it stands for? Rita Mulcahy first coined this term. Here is the definition of “PMI ism” as defined by Rita: PMI ism = understanding project management from the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) point of view. You may (actually… you probably do) manage projects […]

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Cost of PMP Exam 2016

One of the most important considerations that PMP aspirants have is the cost of the PMP certification and the cost to maintain the certification once they get certified. In this article, we will break down all the costs associated with getting certified. Cost of PMP Certification Exam Fees The amount of exam fees that you […]

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Best ways to Pass PMP on Your First Try. Vaqar Ali’s Story.

Vaqar Ali passed his PMP in just 9 days after he started ExamsPM’s training. In this post, he shares the best ways to pass PMP on your first attempt. Vaqar was a process engineer and project manager at BP (British Petroleum) with over 7 years of experience. His employer encouraged him to get his PMP […]

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PMP application process - the complete guide

PMP Application Process – The Complete Guide

PMI (Project Management Institute) reviews every application for the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. If you do not fill in your application correctly, PMI will not allow you to write the PMP exam. Over the years, I’ve edited dozens of applications for students, and in this post, I will share with you the exact PMP […]

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the complete pmp (project management professional) formula guide

The Complete PMP Formulas Guide

PMP Formulas and calculations take up roughly 10% of the PMP exam. It’s hard to say the exact number of calculation questions that you will get on your exam. When you enter the Prometrics testing center and begin your exam, the software randomly selects 200 questions for you. Thus, you can be sitting next to […]

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how much does it cost to get pmp certified

What is the Cost of PMP Exam and is it worth it?

You may be asking yourself… What does it cost of PMP exam? Would it be worth the money and time investment, and would it actually make a difference on my career? Although the PMP is not required in many project management roles, there are an increasing number of jobs that do require it. The U.S. […]

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how can pmp certification benefit my career

How Can the PMP Certification Benefit My Career?

You may be on the fence about getting your PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. “Will PMP help my career?” you ask yourself. In this post, I will list out all the various career path available to you once you obtain your PMP certification. Some of the choices are conventional, while a few of the other […]

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