How Project Managers Use The Phone To Increase Efficiency

I’m sure you’ve all been in endless meetings or conference calls where you thought “this is a waste of time.” However, when done properly, the humble phone is one of the single most effective pieces of equipment in the project management tool box. Before you spend any more time or money learning how to use […]

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Differences Between Organizational Structures

  Projects are impacted by the organization, including its culture, policies, and procedures Good project managers look for these influences and use them to their benefit There are three types of organizational structure: Functional, Matrix, and Projectized Organizational Structure Summary Functional Matrix Projectized Weak Matrix Balanced Matrix Strong Matrix Project Manager’s Authority Little or None […]

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PMI Code of Conduct

All PMP certificate holders are required to abid by the PMI Code of Conduct. The PMI Code of Conduct is divided into 4 sections: responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty. Within these 4 sections, there are mandatory standards and aspirational standards. The difference is that mandatory standards are those that all PMP must follow or risk […]

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