Brain Sensei PMP Review

In this article, we will do a Brain Sensei PMP Review. The aim is that you understand the pros and cons of the PMP program and decide if it’s best suited for you. Also, before we start, be sure that you sign up for the free PMP course from ExamsPM.

Pursuing the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification can open up new doors for you and advance your career forward with its global-recognition status.

However, becoming a certified PMP requires a lot of hard work and dedication, especially that the PMP exam isn’t that easy, and there’s a chance that you won’t pass it from the first attempt if you don’t prepare well enough. (Make sure to read our post on the best PMP exam prep)

The Brain Sensei PMP course promises to help you comprehend the required materials for the PMP exam in a relatively short time, but can it live up to the expectations? This is what we’re going to find out in our detailed Brain Sensei PMP review.

About the Brain Sensei Company

Brain Sensei is one of the few training agencies specializing in project management training as it only offers preparation courses for PMP and CAPM certifications. It was founded by Dr. John A. Estrella and Chris Stafford, who both have substantial hands-on experience in the field, and project management is second nature to them.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is primarily intended for PMP candidates willing to take the PMP exam and get certified. Even if you’re not interested in acquiring the certification right now, this course can be quite beneficial to your project management career. It’s also a good option for current PMP holders to refresh their memory about project management’s core principles.


The Brain Sensei PMP course is only available for purchase through the company’s website. Enrolling in the course is quite simple; all you have to do is visit the website, select “PMP Certification” from the header, and click “Buy Now.”

After that, you’ll be directed to the checkout page, where you’ll be asked to fill in your billing and bank card information. You may occasionally get a small pop-up window that offers you a 5% coupon if you’re lucky enough. Once you buy the course, you’ll be granted immediate access to the course materials.

ExamsPM vs. Brain Sensei

ExamsPM helps you get your PMP certified on your first try within 6 weeks, and also supports you with 60 PDUs after you get certified.

  • ExamsPM have 2 regular live instructor-led trainings calls per week, in addition to the self paced course
  • ExamsPM offer lifetime packages so you don’t have to worry about course expiring
  • ExamsPM offer full service, so you can get an application review prior to completing the exam as well as the credits you need to maintain your certification for three years after the exam
  • ExamsPM offer a free PMP training course that lays out the exact road map that you need to follow in order to get PMP certified within 6 weeks
ExamsPMBrain Sensei
Access LengthLifetime180 Days
Practice Questions1500+800
Free DemoYesYes
Application SupportYesNo
60 PDUsYes. 60 PDUs are included in the tuition.No
SupportYes – Email, Facebook Forum & Instructor AccessYes – Facebook Forum & Email Support
Course FormatSelf-directed learning, live instructor-led trainingSelf-directed learning
Money Back GuaranteeYesYes

Brain Sensei PMP Review – Course Overview

Here’s a quick overview of everything that’s included with your course purchase:

  • 9 interactive story-based online learning modules
  • 13 storyline challenges that test your knowledge and help you learn from your mistakes
  • 4 mock exams with 800 practice questions to help you understand what to expect in the PMP exam
  • A complete wrap up of the key knowledge points after learning each project management process
  • Several tests and questions distributed throughout each module to help you stay on track and confirm that you’ve fully comprehended the topic
  • Base knowledge assessments that help you uncover the gaps in your learning journey through discoverability questions
  • An option to join the course’s Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get immediate support with the challenging parts
  • Regular follow up emails that help you speed up your learning process with lots of tips and tricks

Learning Outcomes

The Brain Sensei PMP course offers full coverage of the ten knowledge areas of project management, which include:

  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Procurement Management

By the end of this course, you should be ready to take the PMP exam and get a passing score from the first attempt. However, it’s essential that you study from multiple resources, books, and journals, which will help you grasp each topic better.

Also, try to relate what you’re learning to your current job to understand its impact in real-world scenarios. 

Many questions in the PMP exam are situation-based, which means that there could possibly be more than one right answer, but only one solution that’s “more effective” than the rest, which means that you must develop a full understanding of every single concept that you learn.


There are no official prerequisites that you must possess to enroll in this course. However, there are a few basic requirements that you must fulfill to get the most out of it, which are:

  • A computer with internet access and Adobe Flash Player
  • English proficiency
  • A basic idea about the foundations of project management

Course Walkthrough

The Brain Sensei PMP course is made up of modules. Each module is part of a story, where the main character is a female Japanese Samurai who wants to build a castle to protect her village. The whole story, from the start of the Samurai’s conquest until she manages to build the castle ultimately, is your “project.” 

The course’s content is based on PMI’s PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide book, the primary reference book for PMP aspirants. As the story progresses, you’ll learn all about project management processes, best practices, and ITTOs ( Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs.)

As you navigate your way through the course materials, you’ll come across some parts that require you to interact before you continue. At times, you’ll have to touch the screen, select from multiple options, and practice with some self-assessment quizzes. It’d be hard for anyone not to be intrigued to keep studying with this fun course.

Pricing & Contact Hours

The Brain Sensei PMP course is available for a one-time fee of $500, and the price is subject to taxes when you buy the course from some countries. For example, buying the course in Canada will cost you an additional $65 of HST (Harmonized Sales Tax.) 

That’s quite expensive compared to other options, but to be honest, the course is worth every single penny. We do have a complaint, though, which is that the course materials are accessible for 6 months only. That’s quite a bummer, considering that paying for such an expensive should at least grant you lifetime access to the materials. 

You need to make sure that you have enough time to complete studying for the PMP exam within the course’s timeframe. The first part of the course (Project Management Overview) is free to take, giving you the option to refrain from buying it if you have second thoughts.


  • Complete coverage of the PMBOK Guide
  • Story-based learning
  • 4 mock tests with 800 practice questions
  • Offers a free trial
  • Lets you access the materials on your phone or tablet
  • Excellent customer support
  • Follow up emails with tips and tricks
  • Updated regularly according to PMI’s PMP exam updates
  • 100% refund guarantee within 7 days of purchasing the course (provided that you haven’t taken any of the practice exams)
  • Community-based learning experience


  • No lifetime access to the course materials
  • Very expensive
  • Requires Adobe Flash Player to run

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