The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized credential for project managers. It is issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and demonstrates an individual’s mastery of both theoretical knowledge and real-world experience in managing projects.

Many believe that the passing score for the PMP exam is 61%, but this may not necessarily be correct because PMI uses a psychometric test. In this article, we will explore the published PMP passing score, PMP exam content outline, as well as the PMP passing score in 2023. Additionally, this article will discuss various strategies that can be used to increase chances of getting PMP certified on your first try. Let’s dive in now!

PMP Exam Format

The Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is a comprehensive assessment of one’s knowledge and skills in project management.

The PMP Exam is structured into 180 questions that must be completed in approximately 4 hours.

175 out the 180 questions are marked and 5 questions will not be scored. However, you will not know which questions are marked or unmarked, so you have to answer every question as if it is marked.

Every time you finish 60 questions, you will have an opportunity to take an optional 10 minutes break. Once you return from your break, you will not be able to modify the questions you answered prior to the break.

The PMP exam is considered to be the hardest and most prestigious project management exam. Your PMP exam performance is divided into 3 domains: people, processes, and business environments.

Although most of the questions you’ll see on the exam will be multiple choices, you can expect a small percentage of test questions to be drag and drop, multiple responses, as well as hot spot questions.

Since the covid pandemic, you can now take the PMP exam either online or at a Pearson Vue centre in your local city. In order to take the PMP exam online, you must have fast and reliable internet as well as a working webcam. The exam is proctored, even if you are taking it from home.

Since January 2021, the new PMP exam is in place. The new PMP exam is based on the 7th edition of the PMBOK guide. 50% of the exam questions that you’ll see will be based on predictive methodologies and the other 50% of the exam questions will be based on agile and hybrid methodologies.

The questions asked during the PMP exam may involve any aspect of project management covered under one or more of these domains. As such, it is important for candidates to understand not only what material appears within each domain but how that material relates to other aspects of project management as well.

It is also important for you to become familiar with various testing strategies and techniques so that you can feel confident in your ability to tackle even the most challenging topics when they appear on the exam.

To prepare adequately for the PMP examination, candidates should take online computer based test questions and thorough study all the content on the ECO.

At ExamsPM, we have a free course to help you get started.

Additionally, we offer virtual learning environments where users can simulate real-world scenarios and hone their skills prior to taking the actual PMP certification exam. After attending this free training, you will have a thorough understanding of the 49 project management processes.

PMP Certification Requirements

To qualify to take the PMP Exam, applicants must have a minimum of three years of project management experience and 35 hours of professional development units (PDUs) in project management.

In addition, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, you will need 5 years of work experience instead of 3 to qualify for your PMP certification.

Please also note that your work experiences must be within the last 8 years.

2023 Projected PMP Exam Pass Rate

The passing percentage for the PMP Exam in 2023 is estimated to be around 60-70%.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a widely sought-after credential in the project management field, and the passing rate of the certification exam is a significant factor in determining the value of the certification.

Various factors can influence the passing rate of the PMP and certification exam, such as the difficulty level of the exam, the amount of preparation the test-taker has done, and the number of applicants for the certification exam.

Factors such as the exam’s own difficulty level and the number of test-takers may shift this estimate.

PMI uses psychometric analysis to determine who gets PMP certified. This means that if more PMP aspirants are getting high scores on the PMP exam, the passing score will be higher for that month. If less PMP candidates are achieving high scores, the passing score will be lowered for that month.

Predictions For PMP Pass Rate 2023

Although PMI does not publish the PMP passing rate, historically, it’s been between 65-75%.

Our prediction is that in 2023, this exam pass rate will remain steady. The pass percentage is lower than other certification exam to maintain the quality and prestige of the PMP exam.

However, even given the difficulty to get PMP certified, many of our students get PMP certified within just weeks of signing up for our training program. Click here to get started for free.

The exam report will be sent to you immediately after you complete your exam.

To best prepare for your actual exam, it is vital to do as many practice exams as possible. For you to achieve the best PMP exam results, you must get used to to answering PMP test questions.

The Official PMP Exam Passing Score

In short, no one knows the official PMP passing score. While PMI does not publish the passing percentage score, they do tell you that they uses a sound psychometric analysis to determine whether a candidate pass or fails the PMP exam.

This means that if you get an easier question correct, it will count as less points in final score. If you get a harder question correct, it will count as more points.

While you will not know your official score, when you finish your exam, you will immediately know whether you are certified or not. You will get your PMP exam score report immediately. This report will tell you whether you are at proficiency level levels in the 3 domains outlined in the Exam Content Outline (ECO).

Benefits Of Becoming PMP Certified

1. PMP certification can open doors to many job opportunities, as employers are increasingly looking for professionals with a PMP certification.

2. Earning a PMP certification can also lead to higher salaries and financial rewards.

3. The demand for PMP certified professionals is expected to rise steadily in the next few years.

4. Professionals with PMP certification may also have access to more career advancement opportunities, such as additional job roles or higher-level positions.

  1. Project management is a growing field with opportunities in every industry.

Job Opportunities

The increasing demand for PMP certified individuals has created ample opportunities in the job market. Potential employers often seek out those with professional certifications that give them an edge over their competition, and the PMP certification does just that.

A successful completion of the PMP exam indicates to potential employers that a candidate is qualified to take on management-level roles within organizations. As a result, PMPs are more likely than non-PMPs to be considered for higher paying positions as well as leadership roles within companies.

Due to its global recognition, people holding a valid PMP credential can expect higher salaries compared to those without one when they enter into new employment contracts or renegotiate existing ones.

Furthermore, obtaining the PMP certification allows professionals to broaden their career options by entering industries outside of their current field of expertise — provided they have obtained enough relevant experience prior to taking the exam. This helps them move between various sectors while bringing their valuable skillset along with them which would otherwise remain untapped if the individual remained uncertified.

Moreover, since most businesses rely heavily on projects for success and growth these days, having a team of experienced and highly skilled Project Managers makes perfect sense from an economical perspective and business environment; meaning there is an ever increasing need for certified project manager and professionals equipped with knowledge and understanding in regards to managing resources effectively and efficiently across all departments.

Thus, getting PMP certified can provide access to numerous benefits: ranging from greater career flexibility and higher pay packages through improved job security – making it worthwhile investment towards furthering one’s prospects in today’s competitive business environment.

Preparing For The PMP Exam

Those planning to take the PMP Exam need to put in sufficient preparation time if they wish to become a Project Management Professional (PMP). It is important to gain an understanding of project management principles, tools, techniques, terminologies, and methodologies.

In order to provide more effective study sessions and improve efficiency, it may help exam takers create schedules which allocate specific amounts of time per week towards studying certain topics while incorporating regular breaks into their routine.

Additionally, test takers should do as many practice PMP exam questions as possible before their actual exam.

I always tell PMP aspirant that: the best way to prepare is to do as many practice exams as possible. You can read the PMBOK guide 10 times front to back and still not pass the exam.


Because Project Management Institute has designed a very specific way of testing candidates. Most of the exam questions you’ll see are tricky situational questions, and the only way to prepare for them is to do as many practice tests as possible.

PMP Exam Costs

There is an application fee associated with taking the PMP Exam. This fee varies depending upon whether or not you are a PMI member or not. If you are not a PMI member, the fee to take the PMP exam is $555. The examination cost goes down to $435 if you are a PMI member.

Exam Registration Process

Having reviewed the eligibility requirements necessary to take the PMP exam in 2023, it is important to understand how to register for and prepare for the test.

The registration process begins with applicants completing an online application form available from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Applicants should ensure that all information provided on this form is accurate as any discrepancies may lead to a delay or rejection of their applications.

Once submitted and approved, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions about scheduling your exams. It is essential that you read these instructions carefully before scheduling your tests. If you do not select the right date/time, it may cost you a fee to reschedule your exam.

It is recommended that applicants begin studying well ahead of time so they are adequately prepared when they sit down to take the test. Additionally, practice exams are available which allow prospective test takers to get familiar with what types of questions might appear on your exam day.

PMP Exam Tips And Strategies

Time management is essential when preparing for the PMP exam, as it is important to ensure sufficient study time and to plan ahead for the test.

Exam preparation resources can be helpful in understanding the topics and concepts covered on the exam, as well as in establishing an effective study plan.

Study habits should be established in order to maximize the effectiveness of learning and comprehension of the PMBOK guide material.

Test taking strategies should be practiced in order to become familiar with the exam format and to identify potential problem areas.

Time Management

Properly allocating time between studying material, practicing exams and test questions, and ensuring one has enough rest will increase the probability of passing the PMP Exam on the first attempt.

It is recommended to have a plan in place that outlines both short-term and long-term goals leading up to the PMP Exam date. This should include daily tasks such as reading course material or attending online classes. You should also consider milestones such as completing mock tests within set deadlines. Having this structure will help maintain focus and provide motivation for staying ahead with studies.

To further manage time efficiently, it is suggested to break down complex topics into smaller chunks so there can be more manageable work done each day without feeling overwhelmed by too much information at once. Additionally, taking regular breaks while studying allows one to stay fresh and alert throughout their study sessions which will lead to better retention of knowledge during exams.

Finally, it is beneficial to take practice tests prior to sitting for the actual exam as it allows you familiarize yourself with various question types and get comfortable with what to expect.

PMP Exam Prep Resources

In order to successfully pass the PMP Exam, individuals must have access to quality exam preparation resources. You can start with ExamsPM’s free PMP training to learn how you can get certified in as little as 2 weeks!

Additionally, mock practice tests should be taken in order to become familiar with question types as well as how best to the answer correctly to pass them within the allotted time frame.

Furthermore, having a mentor or an accountability partner who has already passed the exam is helpful for providing personalized guidance on areas where improvement may be required and tips on how questions are typically answered.

Finally, studying groups and discussion forums can allow one to further their understanding of certain topics through engaging in dialogue with other people who are also aiming for certification status. You can join ExamsPM’s free study group here.

PMP Training Courses And Resources

PMP Exam Prep is a critical component of the PMP Certification process, and includes topics such as project management fundamentals, project management tools and techniques, and project management knowledge areas.

PMP Training Materials include books, online study guides, practice exams, and sample exam questions.

PMP Online Courses provide interactive learning experiences through video lectures, study materials, and quizzes, as well as access to experienced instructors. PMP Online Courses can help increase the PMP passing rate in 2023 by providing comprehensive project management training.

Additionally, PMP Online Courses can also provide more flexible learning opportunities for those with busy work and personal schedules. Lastly, online courses can also help reduce the cost of PMP Exam Prep materials, which can be expensive.

PMP Exam Preparation

The PMP exam is a comprehensive and challenging test that requires significant preparation in order to even pass the exam.

PMP prep courses typically focus on teaching the necessary skills for passing the exam as well as providing study material such as practice exams, flashcards, lecture recordings, and other learning aids.

In addition to preparing for the content found on the PMP exam itself, it is also important to familiarize oneself with both processes related to taking the test (such as registration) and strategies for increasing one’s chances of success during testing day (such as concentration techniques).

Courses offered by organizations like Project Management Institute (PMI) may include workshops dedicated to this purpose while those studying independently must use their own initiative when researching these topics themselves.

It is essential for anyone seeking certification through the PMP exam program to do their research into all of their available options before committing to a particular path so they can make sure they pick out best suited option for them; properly selecting a quality training course will go a long way towards helping individuals reach their goal of obtaining professional project management certification come 2023.

PMP Training Materials

The use of PMP training materials is an important factor in the passing score of the examination. These materials can range from self-paced online resources to private tutoring sessions and should be chosen based on each individual’s needs and preferences.

Commonly used training materials include practice exams, flashcards, lecture recordings, and other learning aids.

Additionally, research into processes related to taking the test such as registration and strategies for increasing chances of success during testing day should also be conducted prior to attempting the exam.

PMP Online Courses

PMP online courses are becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals preparing for the PMP examination.

These courses provide an accessible and convenient way to study, as they can be taken from home or any other location with access to the internet.

Furthermore, these courses often feature interactive components such as simulations and games which allow users to practice skills in a safe environment.

Additionally, many of these courses offer support services such as mentors or discussion forums that assist learners throughout their coursework.


The PMP exam is a rigorous and demanding test that requires dedication and hard work. Despite this, hundreds of thousands of professionals have benefited from attaining the certification since its inception in 1984.

In 2023, it is projected that nearly 70% of those taking the exam will still pass the exam with flying colors. This statistic alone should be enough to encourage ambitious individuals to pursue the challenging but rewarding process of becoming certified.

By familiarizing oneself with the eligibility requirements, content outline, and studying tips available online, as well as investing in quality training resources, anyone hoping to take on the challenge of getting PMP certified has all they need to set themselves up for success – making the payoff even more gratifying.

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