PMP Lessons Learned: How Paul B. Passed His PMP In 6 Weeks 

 March 18, 2019

1. Walk us through your certification journey. How did you study for your PMP?

Previous to ExamsPM, I was using a different online study aid. The study aid was good, presented the material well; however, it did not provide a very structured approach to studying for the exam. I need structure; therefore, the ExamsPM approach was what I needed to keep me on-track for a successful, initial attempt at certification. After completing the ExamsPM 6 week study approach, and listening/viewing the slide deck videos, I felt prepared for the exam.

2. What tips do you have for people trying to get PMP certified right now?

I strongly recommend reading the book; after reading the book, utilize ExamsPM to go over the book again; however, utilize the information provided by ExamsPM and the structured approach in order to successfully prepare and test for the PMP.

3. How did ExamsPM’s material help you?

ExamsPM material helped me by providing additional insight and definition to PMP terminology and vocabulary. Also, anyone with experience taking certification exams (not just PMP), can attest at times, it appears none of the responses to a question appear to be correct. However, because ExamsPM method of providing in-depth understanding and additional insight, I was able to identify the best response to a question, when often times, and at initial glance, that none of the responses appeared correct.

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