In the digital age, it’s all about smartphones. We all want things on-the-go, even when it comes to studying for the PMP®. If you are travelling and don’t have access to your laptop, the PMP® apps are a great way to fit in some extra studying.

A common problem that I hear PMP® aspirants say is that they don’t have time to study. I know you may have work, social and travel obligations, but you can squeeze in the time to study and pass your PMP® through good time management.

For example, next time you are waiting in line or sitting on a bus, pull out one of these PMP® apps and do a few practice questions – rather than play Angry Birds – to practice PMP® concepts. The key is fit in studying within your regular routine. Continuous and regular practice is what’s going to help you understand project management concepts and pass the PMP® exam.  

And remember, the sacrifices are temporary. Once you are certified, which usually takes 1 – 3 months, you will be able to keep the PMP® credentials for life with no more exams (you do need to get the credential renewed every 3 years, however).

One quick note: these apps are not a replacement for PMP® training and does not qualify you for your 35 contact hours. They are meant to be a companion tool or supplement when you are on-the-go.

If you are tech savvy and looking for new ways to study for the PMP®, take a look at these PMP® apps. In this post, we will go through the top 3 free PMP® apps available for download.

  • PMP®ro

In my opinion, this is one of the best PMP® apps because it includes everything in one place. You can look up definitions, study formulas, and do practice questions all in this app. The design and layout is intuitive and easy to use, and there are more than 1000 definitions of common project management terms stored in this app.

There are also 170 free practice questions included in this app. The questions are divided based on knowledge areas or full length exams. You can take these practice questions in test mode or exam mode. Your scores on each exam is saved so you can track your progress.


Here’s a screenshot of the dictionary:


Here’s a screenshot of one of the practice questions:


Android download link

iOS download link

  • Pocket Prep

This app contains 75 free practice questions, and each question comes with an explanation of the correct answers. Your scores are tracked on your dashboard, where you can see how well you are doing in each Process Group that you will be tested on the PMP® exam.

This app can help you stay on track with your goals. You can input your exam date and set study reminders on your phone to remind you to study. This is a great tool for those of you who accidentally forget to study!


Here’s a reminder I got on my iPhone from Pocket Prep:

pmp apps reminder

Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard:

pmp app dashboard

Android download link

iOS download link

  • PMP® Trainer Free

PMP® Trainer Free is another app where you can do PMP® practice questions. It tracks your performance by both Knowledge Areas and Process Groups. This app’s interface is not as user friendly as the other two apps, but if you are looking for more practice questions, this is still a good one to check out.


Here’s a screenshot of the Process Group dashboard:

pmp trainer free 1

Here’s a screenshot of an explanation to a practice question:

pmp trainer free 2

iOS download link

Other ways to study on the run

If you are constantly travelling for work and have a busy schedule, I know fitting in time to study for the PMP® certification can be a challenge. You can get some studying done while you are on a bus, running on a treadmill, or doing dishes by listening to audiobooks or audio programs. Again, fitting in studying within your regular routine and doing it consistently is what will get you certified.


PMP® certification guidebooks are available on and

Audio PMP® training programs

ExamsPM’s PMP® training program is available for download, and you can take it with you while you are travelling or doing chores. It’s a really big advantage to be able to listen to these guides offline. To get started, sign up for a free class here.


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