PMP Mind Map for ITTOs

PMP Mind Map is an effective way to learn complex topics – it allows your brain to visualize the connections between different variables.

They can help you pass your PMP exam because you may find the PMBOK dry and wordy. Thus, adding some visual diagrams can definitely be helpful.

Kim Synder, PMP, is kind enough to share the mind maps she made while studying for her PMP. They are based on the PMBOK 5th edition, and you can download it below.

What are ITTOs?

ITTOs stand for “Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs.” There is a corresponding ITTO to each of the 47 processes in the PMBOK guide.

The ITTOs tell you how the process is completed. For starters, the inputs are the items that you need to complete the process. The tools and techniques are the methods used to transform the inputs into the outputs. Finally, the outputs are the accomplishments of the process, or in other words, what the process set out to create.

Do I need to memorize all of the ITTOs for every process?

Almost every PMP aspirant wonders about this question at some point: “do I need to memorize all of the ITTOs?”

Thankfully, the answer is NO.

In fact, you will drive yourself crazy trying to memorize all of the ITTOs for all 47 processes, and thankfully, it is not necessary.

What is necessary, however, is that you understand what each of the ITTOs mean and what their functions are.

Rather than trying to memorize all of the ITTOs, it is much more effective to understand the associations and relationship they have with the process that they are in.

This is where mind maps come in.

What is a mind map?

Wikipedia defines a mind map as follows:

PMP Mind Map

Benefits of a mind map

  • Texts (e.g. your PMBOK guide) stimulate the left brain, while images stimulate the right brain. Stimulating both the left and right brain will lead to more effective memorization.
  • Visuals help your brain visualize and understand complex topics

[Free Download] PMP Mind Map for ITTOs

Again, Kim Synder, PMP, has prepared mind maps for the PMBOK 5th edition. These mind maps are divided by knowledge areas. She has effectively used colors and graphics to translate the PMBOK into images. All credits to her.

You can download this PMP mind map below:

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