Congrats to Our PMP Class of Oct 2014!

This month, we did some major revamp to our PMP course to help improve the experience for our students. For starters, we doubled our database of 1000 questions to 2000 questions. This improvement took many months to finish, and we are very excited that it is now finally live! We also started recording our classes so that our students can watch later if they wanted to review anything. Additionally, we did an audit of our current course and updated some course material.

We are confident that these changes will better assist our students succeed in becoming PMP certified. Let’s take a moment to say congrats to Naveen Vadlanudi, Ryan Saigal, Gobie Mahalingam, Vaqar Ali, Gokul Rajan, and Ayodele Oseni (not pictured) for successfully completing their PMP training!


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