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This course will help you:

  • Understand what is agile and scrum, and why it's essential to understand this new framework as more and more industries are embracing agile methodologies. 
  • Understand how scrum roles, ceremonies, and artifacts work together to complete a project. 
  • Understand the big picture and PMI's methodology for managing agile projects 
  • Understand how to implement Agile manifesto, principles, and domains on your projects to advance your career. 
  • Get a step-by-step road map that will help you exactly what you need to do to obtain your PMI-ACP certification. Once  you have this proven process, you don't need to waste time studying material you don't need to know. 

Have you ever been told by recruiters that they can't consider you for a position become you don't know agile and scrum? 

Have you tried to study for your Agile, but got overwhelmed by how much material you need to learn? 

Do you want to get certified but can't find the time to study?

ExamsPM can help you with all of these problems.

Our Agile and Scrum Certification Course will explain the big picture. Once you complete this training, you will have a solid understanding of the scrum framework. Once you understand how each component link together, you will understand how to manage projects using scrum or other agile methodologies. 

Our training also includes many exam hacks, memory aids, tips and tricks to speed up your learning process.

This course is perfect for busy professionals who want to get certified, but also have lots of work and social obligations.

This course is all you need to get certified and advance your career!  

This Program Includes:

  • Complete training on agile project management and scrum framework
  • 21 Contact Hour certificate to qualify you for the PMI-ACP and to enrich your Resume/CV
  • Access to our exclusive members-only community 
  • A complete application review so you can rest assured that you filled in everything correctly to avoid a PMI audit
  • 1000+ PMI-ACP practice questions with an exam simulator that is similar to PMI's
  • Bonus: Project Manager Resume and CV templates
  • Bonus: Project Manager Interview Guide 
  • Bonus: Project Manager Tools Training (JIRA, MS Project, Trello, Primavera, etc.) 
  • Money Back Guarantee so you can try this course without any risk
  • Lifetime access 

Easy to Navigate Learning Management System

Here's a screenshot of our state-of-the-art learning management system

The Agile and Scrum Certification Course is delivered to you inside an easy to navigate learning management system. 

Once you register in the course, you will get access to the easy-to-use course management software right away. This system is designed to help keep your learning organized and focussed.

You can pause, rewind, and re-watch the lectures as many times as you like.

You'll be able to interact with other students and instructors whenever you have questions.

Once you invest in this course, you don't need to buy any other preparation material. This course includes everything you'll need - from writing your application to passing your certification to applying for your recertification.

PMP Certificate

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete this course, you will receive a 'Certificate of Completion' that you can use towards your 21 Contact Hours. 

You can also add it to your Resume/CV and put it within your LinkedIn Profile under the achievements section. 

The "You'll Love It" Money Back Guarantee!

We are confident you are going to learn everything you need to know to advance your career with agile and scrum. That is why we are offering a 14 days money back guarantee on this course. You can go through the entire course and decide whether it is right for you or not.

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will happily issue you a full refund, and you get to keep all the downloadable course assets. 

All the risk is on us, as it should be. You literally have nothing to lose.

Course Bonuses

application review

Bonus #1 - $100 Value 

PMI-ACP Application Review

We will make sure you filled in everything correctly so that you can avoid getting your application rejected. We know what PMI is looking for in these applications because we've edited hundreds of applications already. 

Bonus #2 - $360 Value 

30 Additional PDUs

Keep up with the latest trends in the project management industry by attending our continual learning program. Once a month, we cover a hot trending topic and discuss how it may be applicable in your role. These training sessions will count towards your Professional Development Units (PDUs).

live training
email support

Bonus #3 - $400 Value 

Dedicated Pro Level Email Support

When you're learning Agile and Scrum, you are bound to have lots of questions. In this program, you will: 

  • Receive dedicated personal email support
  • Get your issues resolved within hours by PMP certified instructors

Bonus #4 - $197 Value 

Members-only Community 

Join our family of project managers, scrum masters, and product owners from coast to coast. 

Bonus #5 - $99 Value 

Project Manager Resume & CV Vault

Get access to the project manager resume & CV vault. The vault contains 70+ project manager resumes and CVs that you can draw inspirations from when you're writing your own. Learning from others is the best way to improve your own. 

Bonus #6 - $99 Value 

Scrum Master Interview Guide

Get access to 50+ of the most commonly asked interview questions (behavioral and technical) and sample answers to all of them so that you know what the interviewer is looking for. 

Bonus #7 - $199 Value 

Project Management Tools Training 

Learn how to use all of the most popular project management tools so that you can effectively manage your teams, including JIRA, Trello, Primavera, MS Project, and MS Excel.  

How much does it cost? 

The PMI-ACP Certification Course is available for a limited time for only $297!

Online training is in high demand because it allows you to receive training at a much lower price as compared to the traditional live in-person seminars. 

These seminars would usually cost you more than $2000, not to mention the additional travel costs to and from, cold conference rooms, and distractions from students who are on a different learning level than you. 

Also, how much have you retained from seminars you've attended in the past? 

Study reveals that you are 90% more likely to retain what you learn from online training vs live seminars because:

  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Re-watch lectures when necessary
  • Have less distractions from people around you 
  • Ask questions without feeling stupid in a large crowd

ExamsPM's PMI-ACP Certification Training


On-Demand Any Time Access

21 Contact Hour certificate

1000+ Practice questions

Application review

14 Additional PDUs

Bonuses described above

30 Day money back guarantee

Live Training Seminars

$2000 - $5000

Extra travel costs

Uncomfortable conference rooms

Divided attention

Distraction from participants

Rigid schedule

1-2 Day access


secure checkout and satisfaction guaranteed

Sample Videos from The Agile and Scrum Certification Course

To further help you make your decision, we've included 2 sample videos from the course:


If you are serious about becoming a certified scrum master and product owner...

If you are ready for that promotion or advancement in your career...

If you are a busy professional who want to gain these skills as soon as possible...

If you need a roadmap that tells you exactly what to do...


Our agile and scrum program gives you a complete framework on how to get PMI-ACP certified on your first try AND find the next career advancement. It is a complete program that covers everything you need to know - from getting certified to finding job opportunities. 

Our course is also backed by our Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to fear. Sign up now before our special pricing ends!

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