Project management is an essential aspect of corporate jobs and businesses. A project manager must have almost all the top-tier skills that a job looks for. Which explains why getting this position isn’t easy.  

However, if you have a certification for project management, companies are likely to give you the most priority while hiring. This is because the PMP® or project management professional exam is a de facto standard in the business industry.

Passing the PMP® exam in the first go is also a tough job. Having the best PMP® exam prep books is a must as you need to sit for three different disciplines that cover all the skills to test a candidate’s competence.

A surefire way to ensure success is to gain as much knowledge with high-quality resources, familiarize yourself with the content, and take multiple practice tests.

Without further ado, let’s find out the 10 best PMP® certification books to help you get a perfect score.

10 Best PMP® Certification Books

1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 6th Edition


The first book on our list is from the flagship product of PMI. The PMBOK® is the key framework for PMP® exam material and PMP® training programs, PMP® exam book writers, and other PMP® resource developers.

This book constantly adapts its content to any adjustments made in PMP® exams.

The Content

The PMBOK® is one of the most important resources for preparing for the PMP® certification test.

It is an excellent source of project management information. The book’s layout focuses on project planning inputs, outputs, resources, and techniques. It can even be useful in your daily work life, even if you don’t plan on pursuing a PMP® certification, as many customer reviews attest.


It costs about $100, but on Amazon, you can get it now for just $43.

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2. PMP® Exam Prep, Eighth Edition – Updated: Rita Mulcahy


Next up, we have the best companion that you can get along with the PMBOK® guide. This book has several suggestions for memorization (like math formulas, theories on motivating employees, etc.)

The Content

For the most part, this book has plenty of useful tips. Moreover, it also offers valuable suggestions about what to focus on (as they have a greater probability of appearing on the PMP® exam).

The book’s sections are fully compatible with the PMBOK®, allowing you to quickly trace what you’re learning from Rita’s PMP® book to the PMBOK®. 

After completing a section, end-of-section quizzes will enable you to assess your knowledge. In addition, several practices make it easy to learn complicated concepts.

Readers have raved about how this book has helped them pass the PMP® exam.


You can get this book for just under $40, which is incredible given how helpful it is.

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3. Head First PMP®: A Learner’s Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam Third Edition- O’Reilly


Almost all the books within the head first product line are very easy to go through. Jennifer Green and Andrew Stillman really wrote a brain-friendly guide to pass the PMP® Exam. You will close the gap between you and the test by reading this book.

The Content

The content is more like a worksheet of fun and entertaining exercises; it binds you explicitly with its peculiar yet highly successful writing style. In addition, it’s chock-full of illustrations, explanations, and self-assessment tests.

This is a significant benefit, especially for those who dislike dry materials. It has the appearance of a visual textbook and also does a decent job of explaining the process of PMP®.

The stellar customer reviews on Amazon attest to the guide’s quality.

However, the book does not cover every aspect of the PMP® test. As a result, you’ll need to supplement this PMP® book with other tools.


Given how visually structured this book is, it really makes it worth spending $70 for this guide.

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4. The PMP® Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, 6th Edition by Andy Crowe 


Candidates can use this book to learn how to calculate earned value. In addition, this book has all the math you need for the PMP® exam if you memorize the equations from it.

The Content

This book includes a card that grants you online access to Velociteach’s InSite, where you can look up algebra formulas and win value exercises. You can also find practical evaluation questions in either Group A or Group B.

The PMP® practice questions are very close to the ones you’ll find on the real test. That being said, don’t be discouraged if any of the questions are significantly more difficult than those on the PMP® test.

The most challenging PMP® questions have been designed to prepare you for complex problems so that you can pass the test with ease.


You can purchase this product for under $50.

You can purchase the book from Amazon

5. PMP® Exam Book – PMP® Prep Book by Master of Project Academy


Coming up, we have this comprehensive and concise guide for PMP® candidates and Project Managers. 

The Content

Unfortunately, most of the PMP® books on the market are taught in an orthodox manner and only address theoretical project management skills. PMP® Prep Book by Master of Project Academy material has been arranged like a real project, and that is what sets it apart from other PMP® books in the marketplace.

When learning PMP® exam material, you will also observe the practical consequences of theoretical knowledge. This will help you understand the complexities of PMP® exam materials. Master of Project Academy’s Prep Book will also increase your chances to pass the PMP® exam on the first try.

Besides that, another great thing is that you will have the opportunity to review the PMP® Prep Book before making your order through a free demo presented by Master of Project Academy.


This book costs about $90 on Amazon.

You can get the book on Amazon

6. CAPM®/PMP® Project Management Certification: All-in-One Exam Guide: 3rd Edition


First up, the customers who have purchased this book do not recommend reading it for study purposes. However, they do recommend using the accompanying disc and the practice questions at the end of each section. The discs come with several valuable resources, including practice exams and charts for ITTOs and processes.

The Content

The material in this PMP® book is informative and easy to understand. As a result, you’ll feel more self-assured. The initial feelings of anxiety will start to fade, making the exam seem more manageable.

The author’s writing and teamwork style keep the reader interested.

One more thing – buy this book if you want to pass the PMP® test. On the other hand, if you plan on understanding everything there is to know about project management, this is not the book for you. 


The book’s retail price is less than $40, but you could get a second-hand one for $10 on Amazon.

You can find this book on Amazon.

7. PMP® Practice Makes Perfect: 1st Edition by John Estrella, Charles Duncan, Sami Zahran, and James Haner


This PMP® Book comes in handy for reviewing your skills and keeping your attention in areas that need improvement. The two-part test prep book covers all aspects of the brand-new Project Management Professional exam to help you reach your target of getting certified.

The Content

This book has hundreds of questions and concise explanations presented by a team of experts.

Every query is also accompanied by cross-references, ensuring that you have a solid base for taking the test.

The questionnaires in this book are very close to the contents of this PMP® exam preparation book, which gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

In terms of complexity, depth, and drafting, it’s close to the actual test, and this book will be a perfect complement to all of your other reading materials.

There aren’t many questions about estimated cost control formulas and network diagrams, but you can find them on the internet or in other books like Rita’s or Head-first.


At most, you will find this book with a price tag of $10.

Give this book a try!

8. PMP® Certification All-In-One: Desk Reference For Dummies:2nd Edition by Cynthia Snyder Stackpole


This all-in-one guide is jam-packed with helpful information that has been thoroughly revised to provide you with the most up-to-date and valuable information for passing the exam.

The Content

The information provided here is unique. Since the outline is well-established and follows a logical order, you will be able to grasp all the concepts the right away. This means that you’ll be well-acquainted with the PMP® methods required to receive your certification.

The book includes up-to-date material that illustrates developments in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 5th Edition and guides you through the various criteria for PMP® certification.

Reading this and taking the valuable test questions is well worth your money and time. In addition, complex concepts are much easier to understand thanks to the explanations and vocabulary breakdown.

Readers have been really satisfied with the book, which led to solid reviews on Amazon. 


Amazon has this book and will cost not you more than $200.

You can purchase it from Amazon. 

9. Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide 7th Edition: by Kim Heldman


If you’re searching for a PMP® book that will help you pass the PMP® exam while still allowing you to enjoy reading, this is it. You’ll appreciate how the author organizes this PMP® book by arranging details in real-life sequences after its methodological categories.

The Content

This book is very well-organized and aids in the understanding of project management processes and their interrelationships. Interconnections are a key to passing the exam, particularly for situational questions, which are prevalent throughout the exam in all key processes.

The use of process flow to mind-map PM also eliminates the need to memorize all of the ITTOs.

Besides featuring a Sybex research engine, two practice PMP® tests, digital flashcards, and 2 hours of audio analysis, the book also contains two bonus Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exams.

It covers a wide variety of project management and assessment principles, terminology, and subjects. As a result, this must-have asset not only reflects the most recent edition of the exam but it’s also easy to use.


You’ll find this book for just $20 and free shipping service on amazon.

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10. PMP® Exam Simplified: (PMP® Exam Prep Series) (Volume 4) 5.1 Edition by Aileen Ellis 


Last but not least, we have a book that contains hundreds of sample questions with specific responses explaining why the correct answer is correct and vice versa.

The Content

Aileen’s method optimizes and simplifies the research. Aileen focuses on areas that will give you the best possible output and uses incorrect responses to help you learn more.

You won’t know everything there is to know about the PMP®, but you’ll know enough to pick the correct answers, or at the very least, avoid choosing the wrong ones.

The book focuses on project management systems’ inputs, outputs, and methods and techniques (ITTOs) so that you can understand the PMBOK® better. However, some PMP® candidates believe that this PMP® exam book is insufficient in preparing them for the PMP® exam.

In addition, this PMP® book’s PMP® practice questions have also been criticized for not being close to the actual PMP® exam questions.


This item is available for under $80.

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Hopefully, these 10 best PMP® exam prep books will help you shine in the PM world. But remember, these books can’t help you get there alone. You have to figure things out on your own and make every session count.

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