For the first time, the Project Management Institute (PMI) has opened up the possibility of taking online exams. Yes, you can now take the PMP, PMI ACP, PMI PBA, and CAPM exams from home. All you need is stable internet connection and to check the upcoming exam schedule on PMI website. Here is everything you need to know to get PMP certified online!

About the PMP Exam

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is highly valued in the field of project management, as it demonstrates your knowledge and expertise in leading and managing projects.

With the increasing trend of online learning and remote work, taking the PMP exam online has become a popular option for aspiring PMP candidates. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the benefits, requirements, process, and best practices for mastering the PMP exam online.

Are test centers opening up again?

Traditionally, the PMP exams could only be taken in person at Pearson Vue testing centers. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Project Management Institute made the option of taking your PMP exam online available when most test centers were forced to temporarily shut down during the pandemic.

As of 2023, all test centers in North America are opened again. However, the option to take your PMP exams online remains a viable option, even though in person testing is available again.

Is the home exam available everywhere?

Most countries have options for the home except the following:

Cuba, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, and Slovenia.

If you live in one of these countries you may still see seat availability in the home exam option, however you will notice there are no dates available in person option.

What is the different between taking the PMP exam online or in person?

One of the key differences between taking the PMP exam online and in person is the flexibility in scheduling. With the online exam, candidates have more dates and times to choose from. If you do want to take the exam in person, you must book it weeks in advance on the Pearson Vue website.

The exam environment can also differ between online and in-person exams. In an in-person exam, candidates will be given 2 pieces of scratch paper, which will not be available to you if you take the exam online.

Whether you take the exam online or in-person, you will be given an online whiteboard and an on screen calculator to use throughout your exam.

With the online exam, you can take the exam from the comfort of your home, but you need to ensure that you have a strong internet connection, private space, and a working webcam.

Benefits of Taking PMP Exam Online

One of the major benefits of taking the PMP exam online is the convenience and flexibility it offers. Candidates can schedule the exam at a time that suits their availability, without the need to travel to a physical test center.

Taking the exam online from the comfort of one’s own home can create a familiar and relaxed testing environment throughout, which can help reduce exam-related stress.

How do I request a home exam?

If you are eligible to write the exam online and have submitted your application and exam fee, you will be able to book an exam schedule for your home exam.

Log in to your account at and navigate to “Review Application Status” under myPMI. Click “Schedule Exam”. You will be directed to schedule your online exam via the exam company Pearson VUE.

When you are ready to select your exam date there will be an option for test-center or home exam. If you select the test center and it appears full, that means it is not yet open and you can try a new date, or you can opt for the home exam. 

What equipment do I need, and what tools can I use?

The PMI states that you will need a strong and uninterrupted internet connection for your laptop or desktop computer. You will need to have a webcam, microphone and a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed. You are not allowed to have your phone, pens, pencils, paper or anything else near you. You can’t use more than one screen, computer or electronic device. 

We highly the onvue software we recommend that you check all of the system requirements on the following page

We also recommend that you do a system test while you are writing materials down on that page, this system test will give you confidence that you have the equipment you need to write the exam at home.

You will have three tools available when you sign in to do your exam. An online calculator, an electronic digital whiteboard or board where you can write your notes and also a chatbox where you can communicate with the exam and online Proctoring itself.

Procedure for taking the PMP exam online

Here are some common rules and procedures that exam takers should know:

Technical Requirements: Ensure that your computer and reliable internet connection. Before you can begin your exam, you have to run a system test app to ensure that you do not have any other programs running in the background. A proctor will also ask you to take photos of your testing space to ensure that you do not have anything on your desk.

ID Verification: Be prepared to provide a valid government-issued photo identification for identity verification purposes. The name on your ID must match the name on your exam registration and profile.

Exam Schedule: Log in to the exam platform at least 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time to complete the check-in process and allow for any technical issues that may arise. You will have two built in breaks, one after every 60 questions that you answer.

Exam Instructions: Read and follow all the exam instructions carefully. This may include guidelines on how to navigate the exam platform, how to answer questions, and any specific rules or regulations during the exam.

Prohibited Items: Do not bring any prohibited items into the exam environment. This may include mobile phones, smartwatches, electronic devices, bags, note boards, or any other study materials. The PMP exam is a closed book exam. You need to ensure that your work space is completely cleared the entire time.

Webcam: You need to ensure that your webcam is on for the entire exam. If you move out of the webcam, the proctor can remove and disqualify you from the exam.

Exam Duration: Manage your time effectively during the exam. The online PMP exam is the same length as the in-person exam. You will have 4 hours and 10 minutes to complete 180 questions.

Exam Support: Contact exam support or proctors if you encounter any technical issues or have questions during the exam. Follow the designated process for seeking assistance and avoid any unauthorized communication or actions.

What is it like to do the home exam?

Getting started– To start your exam, login to your account and click on the “Certifications” tab in the purple banner. Click on “Apply Now.” This will bring you to the Certification Program Overview page. Here, you will click “Begin Exam.” The “Begin exam” link will be available 30-minutes before your scheduled exam time. We recommend being there 30-minutes before in order to make sure you have everything ready!

Your personal information– You may need to take pictures of yourself and your surroundings for the check in process (below), and have original (not photocopied) identification with you like a Driver’s license, military ID, national identification card, passport, and alien registration or card (green card, permanent resident, and visa). The documents must have your photo and signature.

Check in– The check-in process takes approximately 15-minutes for candidates who have previously completed a system test (see equipment section above). 

Before you begin the exam– You may be required to show the proctor what is in the room with you, the tools you have close by, any wall hangings and your other personal items and your personal computer desktop. Remember they want to be sure you do not have any information that may help you during the exam.

During the exam- you are not allowed to take a call, have visitors or talk to anyone during your exam. You will have a 10-minute break after completion of the first section, and only one break. When you return from break you will not be able to make changes to the first section of the exam you completed. 

Disqualification- If you talk to anyone other than the proctor, leave the room during the exam (10-minute break excepted), or use any notes or non authorized tools you may be disqualified from completing or submitting the exam. 

What if I have trouble with my connection or computer?

If you have a problem with your connection, the proctor will attempt to call you. This is the only time you should accept a call during the exam. 

We hope that this information has been helpful to you! At ExamsPM we are committed to your success and career development and wish you all the best in your upcoming exam!

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Exam Preparation Strategies

Preparing for the online exam requires a well-structured study plan and timeline. Candidates should create a study plan that covers all the exam domains, allocates time for practice exams, and allows for revision.

There are numerous online resources available, including our free PMP training that you can sign up for here.

Best Practices for Taking PMP Exam Online

To excel in the online PMP exam, candidates should familiarize themselves with the online exam interface and functionality. They can practice with online exam simulators to get accustomed to the exam format and navigation.

Managing time effectively during the exam is crucial, as candidates need to pace themselves and allocate time for each question based on the exam duration. Being mindful of time and avoiding spending too much time on a single question can help candidates complete the exam within the allotted time.

Exam Day Tips

On the day of the online PMP exam, candidates should ensure they have a calm and distraction-free environment for the exam.

They should have all the necessary tools and resources, such as a reliable internet connection, compatible device, and identification, readily available before starting the exam.

It’s also crucial to manage time effectively during the exam and allocate sufficient time for each question. Candidates should read each question carefully, analyze the options, and select the best answer based on their knowledge and understanding of the PMBOK guide.

It’s important not to rush the test questions and to double-check answers before submitting them. After completing the exam, candidates should review their exam performance and analyze their strengths and weaknesses to identify areas for improvement in case they need to retake the exam.

Post-Exam Steps

After completing the online PMP exam, candidates should expect to receive their exam results immediately from PMI. Once the certification is awarded, candidates can proudly add the PMP credential to a check in their professional portfolio, which can open up new career opportunities and enhance their credibility in the field of the project management profession.


Taking the PMP exam online can be a convenient and flexible option for aspiring PMP candidates. With careful preparation, understanding of the exam format, and adherence to best practices, candidates can effectively master the online PMP exam and earn their coveted PMP certification. By following the outlined steps and tips in this guide, candidates can confidently navigate the online PMP exam process and achieve success in their project management career. Good luck!

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