What motivated you to take the PMP®?

I am still so happy I got my PMP® after wanting it for so many years, it’s really a great feeling! I took a preparation course in Jordan in 2008 but found I needed more experience and development.

Recently, I noticed that when looking at jobs on the market, they wanted PMP® and Prince 2 certifications. I researched the best certification to enhance my career and CV, and I decided to do the PMP® again.

Could you tell me what made you chose ExamsPM?

I knew I did not really have the time to take an intensive course in Jordan,
because I was working full time, and I thought online would be best.

I watched the ExamsPM webinar, and it really convinced me to take this course. They explained everything, the knowledge areas and processes, how you answer questions, and explained all the bonus materials available in full course.

How did ExamsPM’s material help you?

What I really liked about the course was the size of the lectures. Sometimes if a lecture is too long, you can get really bored. Helena’s lectures were never more than one hour, which really worked for me; my time was well managed.

Also, I found Helena easy to understand, and I really liked that there were quick references to the PMBOK® that made it easy to do additional research.

What Tips would you give for other students?

If you want to get your PMP®, I would recommend that you dedicate the time to do it and focus on getting it done!

Complete the study guide and follow it as best as you can. For me I dedicated full weekends to study and sometimes set aside hours throughout the week.

I needed extra confidence going into the exam, I was doing Helena’s material, and I was also reading the PMBOK®. I was motivated to get above target, not just target on the exam!

Also, it is very important to do a lot of questions in the simulator. I really liked doing the simulator; there were a lot of questions that helped my studies.

During the exam, your practice questions will help you find the right answer during the exam.

I would highly recommend this course; in the end, I got 3 areas above target!

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