We recently caught up with one of our students, Ananda Rangan, who passed his PMP® certification on his first try.

He was kind enough to share him PMP® journey with us, and here is what he has to say.

We hope that if you are studying for your PMP® exam at the moment, you’ll find some inspiration in his story.

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1. Walk us through your certification journey. How did you study for your PMP®?

I have started my PMP® journey in May 2018. After searching over the net for best online courses I narrowed down to go with ExamsPM after I attended the initial session. I was not sure whether I have to give exams right away or not as there was so much of changes happening in both personal and professional life. I have spent more than 3 hours every day during my preparation by making notes of each and every process and your dedication to get the PMP® certification is very important. Once I have completed the course provided by ExamsPM, I gained confidence that I will be able to clear the PMP® certification. Then I booked for exam after a long of process of audit, my application got accepted and I have booked the date. From that day I have prepared with mock exams which was provided by ExamsPM along with study plan and flashcards and cleared on my 1st Attempt.

2. What tips do you have for people trying to get PMP® certified right now?

Even though ExamsPM provides the easy understanding, it is mandatory to study the PMBOK® and make notes on your own words which definitely helps while revising the concepts on each knowledge area. Also while studying the ITTO’s make sure that you ask questions for yourself why, what, how, when and who. This method will surely help you to remember the ITTO’s. Also PMP® will not accept you to know each and every Input, Tools and Techniques and Output but you should know what Input T&T and output will come while performing any process.

Before appearing for exam make sure that you have understood the concepts well [of-course it will not work by by-heart] you have skimmed the PMBOK® at least 3 times and check your understanding by skimming Glossaries and providing mocks which has been provided by ExamsPM

3. How did ExamsPM’s material help you?

ExamPM has helped me to understand the each and every process very well by providing the detail understanding of each and every concept. I request everyone to follow the instructions provided by the ExamsPM in each chapter and also be honest yourself during Quiz and mocks.

Also Flashcards provided by ExamsPM is very useful to revise the concepts and boost the confidence to give exams.

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