[one_third_first][/one_third_first][two_third_last]We recently caught up with one of our students, Tiffany Jones, who passed her PMP® on her first try using ExamsPM. We asked her to describe her PMP® journey, and here’s what she has to say in her own words. We hope you find inspiration and advice from her journey that you can apply into yours.

Walk us through your certification journey. How did you study for your PMP®?

My certification journey lasted for approximately 7 months. I studied 2-4 hours each day by reviewing ITTOs, the process charts, listening to audio about each process group and reviewing the ExamsPM practice test and 6 week breakout timeline.

What tips do you have for people trying to get PMP® certified right now?

The best advice I could give is to really focus on where you are in the process and what the question is asking. The situational questions can seem to be tricky but focusing on the question’s ask and the BEST answer will help with eliminating possible wrong answers.


How did ExamsPM’s material help you?

ExamsPM helped me because Im a very visual learner, going back to the videos and watching them then taking quizzes and practice tests really helped me better understand the content.
Thanks! I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience.


I sat for my exam on the day after Christmas and passed, Thank God. I appreciate your course and assistance.


Congratulations Tiffany! We wish you all the best!


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