My PMP® Journey  

My PMP® journey started last year Jan 2018. I had assumed that I could read up the materials I had acquired quickly just like I had read for my CAPM® some years ago. I also wanted to take the exam before the exam update.

I used a well-known guide to study, concluded my reading, took the exam and failed woefully. I was very devastated by this and scheduled a re-seat for January 2019. 

I had so much on my plate between the month of April to January with work and having to take care of a newborn. It took me quite some time to foster the courage to read the new PMBOK® guide and research for other materials.

I was online on Facebook one day when I came across Helena’s Exam PM guide. At first, I thought it was a scam, but my inquisitiveness made me click on it and wow, I found it really interesting. 

The materials were so straight forward and easy to read, unlike the other material I read for my first. In fact, I seriously feel I read the wrong material for my first try.

I began reading more consistently October 2018 and seriously December 2018. I read mostly after work and at night baby seating. I also utilized my weekends well taking some classes to get opinions about certain topics.

It was all worth it as I passed my exam on the 11th of January 2019.  

Tips for people seeking to be certified  

1) stay consistent and remain true to a goal and a plan

2) Don’t be discouraged even if you failed the exam before 

3) Follow Helen Exam PM guide. It’s extremely useful. Also, seek out other materials to validate if need be.

4) Do not memorize the ITTOs. It’s a waste of time. It’s better to understand the concept. Helen’s Exam PMP® made it easy.

5) Do as many questions as possible. Helen’s Exam simulation is one of the best that I have seen.

How ExamPM helped me

It’s one of the best materials one can find. It’s simple, with the right keywords and straight to the point. The simulation questions were really helpful. 

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