Sunny was already an engineer and project manager for many years. He realized in order to grow in his career, he needed the PMP® certification attached to his name.

He already had practical experience managing people and project resources and had knowledge of all the project groups and practical applications but wasn’t necessarily following the PMBOK® guide.

Sunny wanted to progress beyond small – medium projects and knew that being PMP® certified would give both him and his employer the confidence that he could effectively manage large and mega projects.


When he first decided to get PMP® certified, he obtained a copy of the PMBOK® guide and casually read it whenever he had the time. He had no structure in place.

Once he realized he needed to get serious, he found the free ExamsPM course online and took that and then purchased the course and completed it in 3 weeks instead of the recommended 6 weeks.

He was fortunate that he was on leave from his job for a few weeks so he spent long hours during this time and studied most of the day.

Sunny found the PMBOK® process chart to be very helpful in really understanding, not just memorizing the processes.


Sunny advises people to go through the PMBOK® first.

Practice and do a lot of the simulation tests. He feels these helped him by training him to to take the first answer he sees. He realized there are answers that are more correct than others.

Read all the questions all the way through and all the answers. Again, some answers may be right, but other answers are MORE correct. They appear to be looking for the MOST correct answer.


Sunny arrived for his exam on a snowy morning at 9:30am.

He was seated and told to watch the tutorial. He did a brain dump at this time in preparation for the exam.

From the test exams, he knew he could complete 50 questions per hour, so he paced himself.

He tried to finish every question before moving on but for the few that he wasn’t sure of, he marked them and then returned to them at the end of the test.


Now that Sunny has his PMP® certification, he is looking forward to jobs as a senior project manager. He is eager to apply his newfound skills and knowledge. He has lots of experience in the oil and gas industry but he says he wouldn’t limit himself to those fields.

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