Phil was already working as a project manager when his boss asked him to get certified. He procrastinated for years and when he finally got serious, he had only 3 weeks to go before his exam when he discovered ExamsPM!

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Here’s what happened.

When Phil’s manager asked him to get PMP® certified, Phil began taking prep classes in costing, budgeting, risk management and used those classes for the necessary 35 credits.


After submitting his application and being rejected twice, Phil was finally approved on the third try. He procrastinated and with time becoming a factor, he bought a competitor’s product but quickly found the teaching style didn’t work for him.

He searched around online some more and discovered ExamsPM. He took the free webinar and was convinced the course was the help he needed to succeed. The only problem was, the course is a designed 6 week length, and he now only had 3 weeks before his exam. He was so sure this was the answer for him however, he purchased anyway with the determination to make it work.


Phil realized he was going to need to double up on his studies since he only had half the time required for the ExamsPM course. He set aside 2 hours each day and 2 hours each night every day for the 3 week period.

He found that memorizing the concepts did not work for him but ExamsPM’s instruction on understanding the concepts and not just memorizing them was the answer.

He found the repetition of the course extremely helpful and was even able to demonstrate all 49 processes on a whiteboard in sequence from beginning to end for his co-workers.

He admits to only taking one of the practice exams.


  • Read the PMBOK®.
  • Submit your application for the PMP® Exam.
  • Sign up for ExamsPM 6 weeks before your exam and note testing date so you know how much time you have.
    Go through ExamsPM multiple times.
  • Take the practice exams as it’s not important if you get great scores on them, the benefit will be that you’ll see the answers for the ones you get wrong and you’ll learn from it.
  • Repetition makes all the difference!
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