Joelle passed her PMP® on the first try and you can too! We asked Joelle a few questions about her experience – here’s what she had to say.

Why did you want to get PMP® certified?
I wanted to be certified because I have experience as a PM and I am looking for more opportunities in PM. Being certified will certainly provide more opportunities.

What is your current role? What were some past positions you’ve held? 
My current role is Asset Lead working on projects( related to pipeline integrity). In the past, I held position as PM, Pilot Plant Manager, R&D Manager and  Senior Engineer

How long did it take you to get PMP® certified?I took  the prerequisite courses over a period of a year or two. Once I registered for your course, it took me 3.5 months to pass the exam

What did your study plan look like? How often and how long did you study per day? Per week? 
I somewhat follow the study plan proposed with the course.  I studied 5 times a week and 2-3 hours per day. I watched the videos and did the post chapter tests. Once, I have gone through all the videos, I reviewed the material  by going through the PDF files. Weeks prior the exam, I did all 5 mock exams and memorized all 10 KA, 5 process groups and 49 processes. In addition, I memorized the 16 formula for the exam

What study material did you use?
I used all the study material from ExamsPM and the PMBOK®

What tips and tricks would you give someone who is currently going through this certification journey?
Trick is to memorize the 10 knowledge areas, 5 process groups and 49 processes. These are easy marks and really do the mock exams. The mock exams highlight areas of strength and weaknesses and allow one to focus 4 hours ( similar to the length of the exam).

Walk us through your actual exam date. How did you find the actual exam? 
Exam day was nerve wrecking,I took the first 18 minutes to write on my cheat sheet ( process areas and formulas). Thereafter,  for the first 5 minutes I had a hard time concentrating, after answering a few questions ( I assumed my answers were correct), I was able to relax. I answered all questions and did not leave anything blank.  I marked any questions for which  I was not sure about the answers. I reviewed them at the very end.

Joelle reached out right after the exam and said

I passed the PMP® exam  a couple of hours ago. I want to say thank you for the course material.  That was a great help. The videos followed by the PDFs were extremely valuable. Your methodology on how to remember the 5 process groups, 10 knowledge areas and 49 processes was outstanding. This was the best PMP® prep course ( I took a boot camp course  in 2015 but never wrote the exam). The material was well laid out and straight to the point. Thanks for your help and I have recommended your course to my sister in law

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