how to pass pmp in 30 days

This post explains how to pass PMP® in 30 days.

Brian Burnett found many of the project manager jobs he wanted to apply to required the candidate to be PMP® certified. In addition, many of the recruiters he spoke with asked him if he was PMP® certified. In order to increase his job opportunities, he decided to get PMP® certified as quickly as possible.

He enrolled in ExamsPM’s PMP® training with no prior experience on Jan 7th and he passed just 4 weeks later. Here’s his story and how he passed his PMP® in such a short period of time.

Brian found ExamsPM through a simple Google search. After he took the free class, he knew this course was going to offer him the most value for his tuition.

Once he registered in the training, he began watching all of the lectures right away. When he finished one module, he completed the 50 practice questions associated with it.

After going through the course, Brian wrote his PMP® application, which he did in one day. Since his project experiences were similar to each other, he used the same project description for all of his projects initially.

However, during his application review with ExamsPM, the instructor told him that PMI will not accept duplicate project descriptions. Every project description that you submit must be unique because every project you do has to be different in some aspects.

If Brian could redo his PMP® training, he would have begun writing his PMP® application as soon as he registered for the training.  He would then submit it to the ExamsPM instructor for review and modification. He would have begun watching the lectures and wrote his application in parallel.

That way, he could have submitted his application as soon as he completed the course. If he did the two tasks in parallel, he could have saved an additional week, and passed his PMP® in just 3 weeks.  

After getting his application approved, it took Brian another week to do as many practice questions as possible.

To prepare for his PMP®, Brian did 50 questions for each Knowledge Area, which equals 500 in total. He also did 8 full length exams. Each full length exam has 200 questions.

The good thing was that Brian found the practice exam questions at ExamsPM to be harder than the questions on his actual PMP® exam.

During his exam, he kept on wondering, “when are the hard questions going to arrive?” and they never did.

When he walked out of the exam, he felt very confident he passed, and he did!

Here’s what he has to say about his PMP® journey in his own words:

Last Friday I took my PMP® exam and passed it.  My training from ExamsPM was very helpful and enabled me to pass the exam on my first try.  I began my training four weeks ago and in that time I took the online training, practiced with the online exams, applied to PMI to be qualified to take the exam, and then took it.  I think your online experience is of very high quality. Thank you very much for the great training!”

Congratulations again Brian!

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To listen to Brian’s full test strategy, listen to this our interview below:

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