Studying for the PMP® exam takes a lot of preparation. You need PMP® study notes, brain dumps, charts, and it’s hard to find all these resources on the web. We compiled the best PMP® resources in one place, and we are giving it to you for free! ($50 value)

You will get:

  • PMP® experience worksheet to track your project experiences for your PMP® application
  • PMP® Formula Guide that includes all the formulas you need to know for your PMP® exam
  • ITTO table that lists all the ITTOs for all 47 process in the PMBOK® guide
  • PMP® Study Notes that summarizes all the key points in the PMBOK® (72 pages)

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Here’s another look at what you will get in this free resource bundle.

PMP® Exam Experience Worksheet

Note sure what to write for your PMP® application? Use this PMP® experience worksheet to organize your thoughts and find PMI-ism terms to include in your application.

pmp experience worksheet

ITTO Table

Want all your PMP® processes and their respective ITTOs in one chart? We’ve got you covered. This excel document lays out all the ITTOs in one place.

ITTO Table

Formula Guide

You probably know that a significant part of your PMP® exam (around 10%) involves calculations. These are easy marks to get since none of the formulas involve more than the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but you have to make sure you know all your formulas! We’ve compiled all the formulas you need to know in one document to help you out. Below is a screenshot of a part of this 5 page document.

Formula guide

PMP® Study Notes (72 pages)

Need a summary of the PMBOK® guide with all the key points? Here it is. 72 pages of study notes covering every chapter of the PMBOK® guide. This tool is great to have when you do not have time to read or re-read the PMBOK®. Here is a screenshot of a page in the study notes:

PMP® study notes (p1)

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