Suffering from writer’s block? Unsure of what to write for your PMP® Application Project Description?

We’ve compiled five PMP® Application examples of sample answers from our past students that have successfully passed the PMI screening. Take a look below:

Example 1: I started a windows cleaning business since 2009. I drafted my business plan, created marketing material (flyers, lawn signs, door hangers, etc.), registered my business, and ensured funding. I interviewed and managed 2-4 employees throughout May – August. I taught them how to do the tasks and ensured that they did a good job. I also managed their hours, schedule, and pay. I maintained good relationship with the clients by responding quickly to inquires and concerns.

Example 2: This project was implemented for construction builders in urban planning. This planning system was built based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. My roles were determining the project scope and helping to create the project plan. I also created the Work Breakdown Structure WBS), and ensured the project was running on schedule. I contacted clients to gather requirements and feedback to ensure good working relationship. I organized the review meeting at the end of the project to discuss lessons learned.

Example 3: This project helped life insurance companies calculate the benefit rating of new applicants, especially for corporate employees. I created the project WBS and made sure enough resources were available at each phase. I tracked project progress to make sure that it was on schedule. I also participated in the project process review to ensure quality. I communicated with clients to gather requirements, manage their interests, and maintain good relationship.

Example 4: I worked with 4 other consultants to design and deliver a comprehensive carbon management plan. We focused on the regulatory environment, carbon-reducing technology, and cost/benefit analysis associated with the implementation. My focuses were drafting the project charter for BP’s approval, determining the scope of the project with the client, delivering the interim presentation, and researching on renewable technology.

Example 5: I led a team of 5 people to organize the annual case competition. My roles involved writing the case, assigning tasks to other team members, ensuring on-time food delivery, and managing participants’ and judges’ expectations. I also developed project timeline and ensured everything was on schedule. I divided the budget between decor, food, prizes, and gifts for judges. I organized a review meeting at the end to discuss points for improvement, and provided the summary documents including the lessons learned to the new organizers.

The key is to use terms from the PMBOK® when describing your experiences. Make sure you hit terms from all 5 process groups. Here’s a list to get you started:

Initiating Develop project charter; Identify risks, assumptions and constraints; Identify stakeholders, Define high-level scope; Perform project assessment
Planning Present project plan to stakeholders; Develop project schedule, budget, and other management plans; Develop WBS; Define scope; Prepare project plans
Executing Communicate with stakeholders; Implement approved changes; Execute tasks defined in the project plan; Obtain and manage resources
Monitoring & Controlling Assess results of corrective action; Ensure quality standards are met; Manage changes to scope, schedule, and budget; Measure project performance
Closing Archive documents; Measure customer satisfaction; Obtain administrative closure; Document lessons learned; Obtain final acceptance of deliverables

Click here for the full tutorial on how to fill in your PMP® application.

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