All PMP® certificate holders are required to abid by the PMI Code of Conduct. The PMI Code of Conduct is divided into 4 sections: responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty. Within these 4 sections, there are mandatory standards and aspirational standards. The difference is that mandatory standards are those that all PMP® must follow or risk getting their title stripped away, while aspirational standards are optional.

The Code of Conduct can by summarized in the chart below:

Mandatory Aspirational
-Uphold rules, laws
-Report unethical conduct
-Only file ethical complaints with substantial evidence
-Pursue disciplinary action when required
-Make decisions in the best interest of society
-Accept and fulfill assignments that is within your abilities
-Take ownership of mistakes
-Project confidential info
-Negotiate in good faith
-Do not act in abusive manner in front of others
-Respect property rights of others
-Do not exercise power for personal gain
-Respect cultural standards and norms of others
-Understand other’s point of view
-Conduct ourselves in a professional manner even when it is not reciprocated
-Full disclose conflicts of interest
-Refrain from decision making process when there is a conflict of interest unless the stakeholders are fully aware
-Do not discriminate based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
-Transparency in decision-making process
-Constantly re-examine our impartiality and objectivity
-Make opportunities available equality
-Provide equal access to information
-Do not deceive others with misleading information, half-truths, out-out-context information or withholding information
-Do not engage in dishonest behaviour for personal gain
-Seek to understand the truth
-Provide accurate info in a timely manner
-Strive to create an environment where others feel safe to tell the truth
-Make commitments in good faith

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