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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We are confident that you will be pass your PMP certification exam on your first try. If you take the exam within the first 90 days and do not pass, you will get a full refund. 

How Our Training Works

ExamsPM’s Project Management Professional (PMP) training is a comprehensive online video course that you can watch anywhere at anytime. It is ideal for someone with a busy schedule and want to get PMP certified at his/her own pace.

Our PMP training is developed by certified PMP instructors, and is based on the latest Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 5th Edition. It covers all the concepts, tools and techniques you need to know for your upcoming exam.

How Your Can Get PMP Certified in Record Time

Some of our students pass their exam in just 2 weeks after starting our training! How? Our training keeps you focussed on the exact material you need to know for your exam, and saves you time from reading dozens of books. Our training is structured in an easy-to-follow manner, and it covers everything you need to know for your exam. Additionally, 95%+ of our students pass their exam on their first try.

Course Benefits

  • 35 Contact Hours Certificate
    Upon completion of ExamsPM’s PMP training, you will be eligible to receive the 35 Contact Hour Certificate you need to qualify to write the PMP exam.

    Here’s how it works: after you’ve viewed all the lectures, you can request for the 35 Contact Hour Certificate to be sent to you. We will process your request within 1 business day.

  • Access Training at Anytime, Anywhere
    You can access our training on-demand at anytime and on any electronic device (desktops, laptops, tablet, or smart phones).

    You can learn at your own pace and watch the lectures as many times as you want. You can even save time by listening to our lectures while you are driving to work, doing household chores, or working out at the gym.

  • Priority Fast Responses
    Got a question? Send us an email at support@examspm.com. We will get back to you in less than 4 hours during normal business hours.

  • Study + Formula Guides
    Need a quick refresher? We summarized the PMBOK 5th edition for you. Instead of reading the entire book, you can just read our summary notes if you are short on time.

  • Application Worksheet
    Our PMP Certification application worksheet helps you stay organized. It keeps all your application information in one place so you can easily access everything at once.

  • Everyday English
    All of our lectures are explained in plain everyday English. We simply the jargons from the PMBOK to ensure your comprehension.

  • Weekly Email Tips
    We will proactively send you exam tips and updates weekly. You need to look to further to stay in the loop.

  • Easy-to-use Platform
    Our training platform is intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use. As soon as you purchase, you will receive your login credentials in your inbox. You can login at anytime to view your lectures as many times as you’d like.

  • Best Value for Your Money
    Our training combines low prices with high personalized support for our students. With minimal research, you will quickly see that other providers are charging thousands of dollars for 35 Contact Hours.

    Skeptical of our low prices? You are not alone. But once you read our customer testimonials and try our course for free, you will quickly see that it is a high quality training course that gives you the best value for your money.


  • Free Application Review
    When you submit your completed application to PMI, a reviewer will decide whether or not you qualify to write the PMP exam. After reviewing hundreds of applications, we know exactly what PMI reviewers are looking for, and we can pass this knowledge onto you. Since everyone’s experiences are unique, we will work with you to present your application in the best way to PMI.

    We will give you a comprehensive review of your application before you submit it. The best part is that this service is free of charge for all of our students. If you want to purchase this service separately, a $99 charge will apply.

    Here’s what you need to do: After you complete your application on PMI’s website, you will have an option to export it as a PDF. Simply send us the PDF and we will send it back to you with our comments within a week. When you are paying over $500 to process this application, you want to make sure everything is correctly filled in.

  • Unlimited PDUs
    After you obtain your PMP certification, you need to maintain it with 60 PDUs every 3 years. Once in a while, ExamsPM will host free webinars for our students. These webinars will count towards your PDUs. There is no limit to how many PDUs you can attend. Each webinar is between $5-$15 for non-members.

  • Monthly Q&As + Networking
    ExamsPM host Q&A webinars regularly for our students. A PMP certified instructor will be available to answer any question you may have. S/he can provide clarifications on any concept covered in your exam. This way, you are getting the best of both worlds: on-demand training combined with instructor-led training at an unbelievably low price.

    This is also an opportunity for you to “meet” other students in the course virtually, network with them, and build relationships.

 Our Commitment to You

At ExamsPM, we are 100% committed to providing you with the best training. To us “best” means that you LOVE our courses and would recommend it to your friends. Try us for free and see for yourself!

Pass Your PMP or Your Money Back!

With a first time pass rate of 95%+, ExamsPM is a leading online provider of PMP Certification training. In fact, we will give you a 100% refund if you do not pass within 90 days of taking our training. Our past students came from a variety of industries and backgrounds including…



Ranga Padmanabhan, Senior Project Manager, PMP

“I was questioning myself on doing the PMP Exam for almost 3 years… I signed up thinking I will give it a shot. just only to a realize I made the right choice and Examspm.com really opened ‎my path to success. If I hadn’t chosen to do that it would have been a great opportunity lost, I am very happy and thankful that I made the right choice.”

Imran Salam, Web Marketing Specialist, PMP

“I found the class extremely helpful. I had done some studying on my own before coming to ExamsPM class but it really helped put things together for me. Helena was a great instructor, very knowledgeable and friendly, took the time to explain any concepts we didn’t understand. On top of that any questions I had before the class were promptly answered via email. I feel very confident that I will be able to pass the PMP exam on my first attempt! Thanks!”

Vaqar Ali, Project Lead at British Petroleum, P. Eng, PMP

“I was looking for a course that was short but at the same time give me enough to be well equipped for the exam… Hindsight is 20/20, but it just turned out to be an excellent choice!”
Great experience. I feel confident about the material and about taking the exam. I like the no nonsense approach to obtaining the final goal; passing the exam!
Gobie Mahalingam
I really thank you for taking time and showing the clear and easy path to take this certification. This is a fantastic scheduled PMP training program… I am definitely planing to take the exam ASAP.
Gokul Rajan, P. Eng
Thanks for all this information. The training was very useful and makes a lot of sense while preparing for the exam.
Hetal Thakkar, P. Eng


What is PMP?

PMP Certification Exam requirements

PMP Certification Exam Structure

Course schedule and tutorial

What is a project?

What is project management?

What is program management?

What is portfolio management?

Role of the Project Management Office (PMO)

Role of project manager

Stages of project life cycle

Organizational structures on project management

Project life cycle vs. Product life cycle

Components of Initiating Process Group

Components of Planning Process Group

Components of Executing Process Group

Components of Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

Components of Closing Process Group

Input/Output of 47 processes

What is integration management?

Different project selection techniques

How to develop project charter

Role of the project team

Role of the project sponsor

Develop project management plan

Direct and manage project work

Monitor and control project work

Perform integrated change control

Close project or phase

What is project scope management?

Develop Scope Management Plan

Collect requirements

Define scope

Create WBS

WBS Example

Validate scope

Control scope

What is time management?

How to develop the Schedule Management Plan

How to create Gantt charts

Conducting PERT analysis

Define activities to include in a project

Sequence activities

Estimate activity resources

Estimate activity duration

Develop schedule

Control schedule

What is project cost management?

Difference between cost estimating and cost budgeting

How to conduct Earned Value Analysis

Develop cost management plan

Estimate costs

Determine costs

Control costs

What is quality management?

Cost of quality

Plan Quality

Perform Quality Assurance

Perform Quality Control

What is HR management?

Explanation and differences between Motivation Theories

Develop Human Resource Plan

Acquire Project Team

Develop Project Team

Manage Project Team

What is communications management?

What is communication channels, technology, and methods?

Basic communications model

Plan Communications

Manage Communications

Control Communications

What is risk management?

Conducting decision tree analysis

Risk classifications

Calculating risk and contingency reserves

Plan Risk Management

Identify Risks

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Plan Risk Responses

Control Risks

Common Risk Management Errors

What is procurement management?

What is a contract?

Different types of contracts

Plan Procurements

Conduct Procurement

Control Procurements

Close Procurement

What is stakeholder management?

Identify Stakeholders

Plan Stakeholder Management

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Control Stakeholder Engagement

PMI Code of Ethics components

Mandatory requirements for a project manager

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35 Hour PMP Training


35 Hour PMP Training + Exam Simulator *Best Value*

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  • 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1500+ Realistic Practice Questions
  • + See All Features

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Yes. After completion of this course, you will receive the 35 Contact Hours required to take the PMP exam.
If you don’t pass your exam after 90 days, you will be eligible for a full refund.
We offer very limited job search support. We can give you some general tips and pointers on where to look for project management jobs. We are an education provider; our primary goal is to help you pass the PMP as fast and as smoothly as possible.
You will have access to all of our course material for 1 year.
Unfortunately, no. Due to copyright reasons, our slides are not available for purchase.