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Do You Want a $14,000 Increase in Your Salary?

A PMI (Project Management Institute) survey of 30,000 project management practitioners showed that PMP holders earn an average of $14,000 more. In addition to commanding a higher salary, the PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate is one of the most recognized and valued certifications in the world. It not only teaches you the best practices in project management, but it also shows a potential employer your dedication and commitment to the field.
How the Course Works

Step 1: Attend Classroom Training

To obtain your PMP, you need 35 hours of project management training (23 hours for CAPM) in order to qualify. Attending our training will give you the 35 PMI Contact Hours that you need. We are the only PMP certification trainer in Toronto that allows you to try our training for FREE before you sign up. No credit cards required. Simply fill out this form and come to the first class.
PMP Certification Classroom Training Toronto

Step 2: Send in Your Application

PMP Exam Application
After completing our training, you need to fill out your PMP application. Our PMP Application Worksheet can help you streamline this process. Make sure you have all the necessary requirements before you apply for the exam, and explain your work experiences as clearly as possible. If you’d like us to look over your application before you submit it, just let us know!

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice!

There’s no substitute for practice! Although we provide you with everything you need to succeed, you still need to put in the effort to pass the exam. You will be provided with over 1000 practice questions, and you should be spending an hour or two every night going through these. After you finish a practice exam, you need to check which questions you did not answer correctly, and review those sections in the slides, study guides, or formula guides.
PMP Certification Practice Questions

100% Pass Guarantee

We teaches you the fundamental skills you need to pass your exam and succeed as a project manager. The best part is that our course is completely risk-free! If you put in the time, we guarantee that you will get your PMP certification within 30 days.

Why are Your Prices So Low?

You may have noticed that our competitors charge $1000-3000 for classroom PMP training, and you are probably wondering why our prices are so low?

What you don’t know is that our competitors spend 40-60% of your hard-earned dollars on advertising, admin, and call center operations. Most of the money you pay them is not going towards items that add value to you.

ExamsPM does not have the same overhead that our competitors have. We do not spend any money on advertising – all of our students come from referrals or word of mouth. By being small, we are able to keep our overhead costs to a minimum and deliver the best value PMP certification in Toronto.

Being one of our students is great because we are able to pass this cost saving onto you!


PMP Certification Toronto Weekend Classes

Can’t Spare the Time?

No worries – for just an hour or two of studying per day, you can be PMP certified in a month. Considering that you need 4 years of schooling to get one degree, this is a hell of a deal!

Personalized Support

Studying on your own can be lonely and frustrating. If you don’t understand something, we are here to personally answer all your questions.

Our training is proactive rather than reactive – we will reach out to you once in a while to see if you need any help.

Our goal is to provide you with the best course experience. We define “best” as you LOVE our classes and you would recommend it to your friends.

PMP Certification Personalized Support Email
We are Here to Help You Succeed.

PMP Certification Training Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

Our online PMP training is collaborative and interactive. You will be working in teams to complete activities, and networking on our course discussion forum.

PMP Certification Training Challenging Material

Challenging Material

Our project management course material is diverse: we use a combination of lectures, hands-on activities, simulated cases, and quizzes to prepare you for your PMP exam.

PMP Certification Training Personal Support

Personal Support

We will support you every step of the way. We will review your PMP application and answer all your exam related questions in less than 24 hours.

Over 90% of our students pass their PMP on their first try. You can be next.


“I was questioning myself on doing the PMP Exam for almost 3 years… I signed up thinking I will give it a shot. just only to a realize I made the right choice and really opened ‎my path to success. If I hadn’t chosen to do that it would have been a great opportunity lost, I am very happy and thankful that I made the right choice.”
- Ranga Padmanabhan, P. Eng, Senior Program Manager

“Thanks once again for your encouragement, support and allowing a non-business oriented (neither by background nor by approach) person like me to participate in your PMP course. I was really exciting to participate the course and would like to let you know that it successfully influenced me by opening my new eyes that helps me to get access into different domain of knowledge. You will be happy to know that, despite of my busy schedule, I have started investing time and effort to enter deeper into this domain… Certainly now my dream is to join the PMP alumni to be produced via your course.”
- Iqbal Khan, Ph.D, Researcher

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